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Akademiese Aanbodkomitee


The Academic Offering Committee (AOC) checks and approves the academic offering of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. It is our Faculty's equivalent of what some other faculties call a programme committee.

The mandate of the AOC, however, has a wider scope than just programmes and modules – this committee also performs numerous other types of checks, including (but not limited to) the constitutions of centres and other environments, inter-faculty cooperation on academic content, and practical issues like timetabling, assessment, and the like.

The committee is there to advise Faculty colleagues and assist them on their submissions, and to route these submissions to the right places for final approval after confirming that everything meets the respective standards and requirements. The purpose of this work is to ensure the academic integrity of what we do.

The most visible product that follows from the work of the AOC is the annual Calendar text (informally called the “yearbook” or "jaarboek").

Belangrike dokumente

(Riglyne en prosedure vir indienings)

Templaat vir Jaarboekwysigings 

Jaarboekteks (Engels) 

Jaarboekteks (Afrikaans)


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Sentrum vir Akademiese Beplanning en Gehalteversekering


Afdeling Inligtingsoorsigbestuur


Mnr Marius Swart (

Dr Hermann Swart

Eleonore Basson (

​Verkose lede
Mnr Jannie de Waal (Sosiale Wetenskappe)
Dr IC dos Santos ​(Tale)
Dr Pieter Grobler (Kunste)

Gekoöpteerde en ex officio-lede
P​rof Anthony Leysens (Dekaan)
Prof Vasti Roodt (Visedekaan: Leer en Onderrig)
Prof Lindy Heinecken (Visedekaan: Navorsing)
Mnr Pieter Janse van Rensburg (Fakulteitsbestuurder)
Me Lauren Onraët (Roosters)
[Vakant] (BASC representative)
Me Cheryl Richardson (Registrateursafdeling)