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Masabelane Beginner A1
Begin: 25/07/2023, 09:00
Einde: 11/09/2023, 16:00
Kontak:Stembele Johnson - 021 808 9097
Plek: Language Centre, Kleine Bosch, 44 Banhoek Road, Stellenbosch

What are the course objectives?

You will gain a basic isiXhosa vocabulary for campus-related communication, emphasizing speaking, listening, and reading. As part of the larger university context, you will also gain an understanding of the cultural value of multilingualism. This course is practical and interactive, and campus-related scenarios are incorporated to encourage authentic language use.

Who should attend?

We offer this course to Stellenbosch University staff members. Non-mother tongue speakers of isiXhosa, who would like to converse in basic isiXhosa, will benefit from attending this course.

Any prerequisites?

Access to the internet, Wi-Fi, or mobile data is essential. 

How is this course presented?

This course is presented face-to-face for eight weeks. You will have the opportunity to practice isiXhosa and converse with other participants. The course focuses on the basic vocabulary for conversations around campus and the community. ​​​​

Face-to-face contact time:

A total of 16 hours (2 hours per week for 8 weeks)

Online activities:

12 hours (1 hour per week of autonomous learning)  

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Introduction and greetingThe state of the weather Pronouns and subject concords Days of the week
Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8
Months of the year

Order something to drink

Order something to eat

At the garage

Session 9Session 10Session 11Session 12
Giving directionsIndlu yam/ Ikhaya lamRevisionAssessment

What are the course outcomes?

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

•  greet and introduce yourself

•   provide basic personal information

•   ask and respond to basic questions

•   have a basic conversation with other isiXhosa-speaking individuals

•   communicate socially on a basic level, and

•   use basic vocabulary related to everyday life.

A certificate of competence will be awarded following the successful completion of this course.​​ You are required to dedicate yourself to this short course by attending the entire duration of the course.

When will this course take place?

2023 short course datesRegistration and payment deadlines
7 February – 30 March 2023Fully booked
20 April 2023 – 8 May 2023Fully Booked
25 July 2023- 11 September 2023TBC

What does the course cost?

The course fee is R2 950 per participant, including study material. 

Further questions?

Contact Stembele Johnson at ssjohnson@sun.ac.za or 021 808 9097.