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Values, human rights and protest action

​​​​Stellenbosch University (SU) welcomes open dialogue and wishes to encourage a culture of frank debate on our campuses. Engagement and dialogue should be integrated into all aspects of campus life: in class discussions, over a cup of coffee in student hubs, all clusters and in living areas. Students should think critically about the challenges and issues of our society. This is how thought leadership is developed - an important attribute of our graduates. 

Protest action

SU acknowledges the right of students and staff to participate in protest action, provided the academic and administrative activities of the institution are not disrupted; students, staff and university property are not threatened; and the right of other students to access academic activities and facilities is not violated. Vandalism, arson, intimidation and violence are strongly condemned and the SU does not hesitate to act against anyone who displays illegal or unacceptable behaviour.

Apart from SU's own application processes for student gatherings, petitions and protest marches on campus, such matters are also regulated by legislation, and permission must be obtained timeously from local municipalities and the South African Police Service.

How to report issues or complaints

Mass meetings or protest action attract media coverage and briefly focus attention on the issues concerned but do not lead to sustainable solutions. Students are therefore encouraged to use the various internal processes and systems to report issues, complaints or grievances. The Academic Affairs Council, a body of the Students' Representative Council, has student representatives in each faculty, and in the social context, the clusters and student residences have student leaders who can support students. Students can also approach the Student Affairs division at studentaffairs@sun.ac.za.

Should a matter not be satisfactorily resolved via internal processes or systems, students can use the following reporting mechanisms:

SU has an independent ombud who looks into the problems and complaints of students, students' parents or personnel when these cannot be satisfactorily resolved through university structures or where existing structures are found lacking.

Adv Rina Meyer
Contact number: 0828072994 
Office address: 
Lutz Building, 11 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch

For appointments: Michelle Jooste by joostem@sun.ac.za

Ethics helpline:

For some years, SU has subscribed to an independent ethics reporting service for the anonymous reporting of irregularities. This service is independently managed by Deloitte.

Tel:        0800 204 549 
Fax:       0800 007 788. 
Email:   sun@ethics-line.com
Web:     www.tip-offs.com 

Equality Unit:
Incidents of unfair discrimination, victimisation, sexual harassment and other forms of harassment can be reported to the Equality Unit: unfair@sun.ac.za. Please take note of the Policy on Unfair Discrimination and Harassment​.

Disciplinary Code for Students

When signing the SU application form, students undertake to familiarise themselves with all the rules, regulations, policies, prescriptions and the Disciplinary Code for Students. Should a student b​e charged with transgressing any of these, he or she cannot plead ignorance as a defence.  

The Disciplinary Code for students states that an individual is guilty of misconduct when, among other things, he/she wrongfully violates another person's fundamental righ​ts as set out in the Bill of Rights, chapter 2 of the Constitution, 1996, or acts in conflict with any other South African laws or SU rules, regulations or prescripts. This includes hate speech, sexual harassment, victimisation, violence or incitement, unacceptable or improper behaviour, the humiliation of fellow students or staff, and assault. Thus, use your own good judgment and act responsibly, especially when using the social media. 

​​Please familiarise yourself with the notice regarding the use of social media.

Although legislation, policies, guidelines and codes are necessary to ensure order in society, SU strives to create a welcoming campus culture through shared values.