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Students with Special Learning needs (Disabilities)

Information session for students with special learning needs (disabilities) and their parents: 
Students who have diagnosed disabilities that may need support or concessions such as extra writing time are invited to attend this information session to determine what support is available at the University during their studies. This excludes information regarding the National Benchmarking Tests (contact www.nbt.ac.za​ or 021 650 3523).  

Stellenbosch students and their parents 
Date Thursday 25 January, 12:30 – 15:00 (walk-in session)
Venue         Room 357 (3rd floor), Arts and Social Sciences Building, corner of Merriman Avenue and Ryneveld Street

Please note The cut-off dates for applications for extra writing time for tests and examinations are: 
12 February; 5 March; 26 March; 2 May; 13 August and 5 October (expect a response within 10 work days after each cut-off date).  
Enquiries Examination Office, Admin A (no 1 on the map), tel 021 808 9111 or email skryftyd@sun.ac.za. Application forms are available at www.mymaties.com (exam and test information).

Please note Due to different time-tables, cut-off dates do not apply.
Enquiries Examination Office, Ms Marilyn de Vries, tel 021 938 9309, Room 1050, Clinical Building (no 3 on the map).