Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Centre for Student Counselling and Development​

The Centre for Student Counselling and Development​ (CSCD) ​is committed to providing the Stellenbosch University (SU) community with psychological, developmental and support services in our quest to be partners for success. Our vision is to be a centre that is approachable, inclusive and client-centred, with our values based on shared humanity. The staff includes psychologists (clinical, research, counselling, educational), a social worker, psychology interns, student assistants, project/portfolio coordinators, support officers and administrative staff. The CSCD consists of five units that through their core functions endeavour to promote citizenship by facilitating wellness, personal agency and sustainable equity.


37 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch

Tel: 021 808 4707 / 021 808 4994

Second floor, Student Centre, Tygerberg

Tel: 021 938 9590

Website www.sun.ac.za/cscd

24-hour crisis service: 010 205 3032 / 082 557 0880


The following units are housed in five centrally situated buildings in Victoria Street:

Equality Unit (EqU)​

The Equality Unit (EqU)​ at the Centre for Student Counselling and Development welcomes you to Stellenbosch University. The Equality Unit promotes collective action towards social justice and discourse regarding social asymmetries at SU. We also coordinate, educate and raise awareness around sexualities, gender, HIV/Aids, and anti-discrimination in partnership with relevant campus structures.

Apart from the coordination and implementation of SU's policies on Unfair Discrimination and Harassment and HIV/Aids, the unit also plays a leading role in dealing with issues related to gender non-violence. We serve as a centralised one-stop service for students managing accounts of unfair discrimination and various forms of harassment. The Equality Unit offers walk-in services at 39 Victoria Street including free, quick and confidential HIV testing and counselling (email hiv@sun.ac.za for more information) or to lodge unfair discrimination-based matters (email unfair@sun.ac.za for more information). Our telephone number is 021 808 3136.

Should you experience any form of discrimination, harassment or victimisation from fellow university students or staff, you are encouraged to provide an official complaint report of the incident to our unit through the walk-in service.

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@MatieSUrpass) for updates and to keep in touch with us.


Unit for Academic Counselling and Development (UACD)

The Unit for Academic Counselling and Development​ renders a development-directed service focusing on the academic challenges students may experience. The team comprises of educational psychologists, a psychometrist, as well as intern psychologists. Support is provided to students with regards to study methods, coping with test and examination stress, time management and the optimisation of their potential by means of individual consultations, work sessions and self-help material. Career counselling for registered students are also available.


Unit for Psychotherapeutic and Support Services (UPSS)​

The Unit for Psychotherapeutic and Support Services offers individual, group therapy and work sessions. Confidential and professional services are offered. The unit offers psychotherapy for a broad spectrum of problems that students experience, namely: depression, high stress levels, adjustment problems, substance abuse, relationship or family problems, etc.

The unit has implemented screening sessions for the Stellenbosch campus students only to facilitate students who are experiencing psychological challenges. This service is offered daily from 11:00 – 12:30.

A 24-hour crisis service is also available for registered students from 16:00 – 08:00 as well as weekends.

Social Services (Social Worker) offer assistance to first-year students during the welcoming period with accommodation and food. Services offered during the course of the year are the Work Study Programme, social challenges for example, finance and food security in collaboration with the Bursary and Loans Office.


Disability Unit (DU)​

The Unit​ offers various services to students with disabilities or special learning needs. These services could include making texts accessible, processing of test- and exam concessions, as well as advice on innovative academic support which includes assistive technology. Work sessions are also presented.


Unit for Graduand Career Services (UGCS)

The Unit ​provides student support with the transition from education to employment. This could include individual sessions about your career, work sessions on CV Writing, Interview Skills, your Online Profile and exposure to network opportunities with companies via career fairs and assistance with job-searching methods.

The UGCS has a new career services management system called MatiesCareers, which provides students with an easy way to search and apply for vacancies, internships, part-time work and volunteer opportunities. MatiesCareers will provide them with information about the Career Fairs and Work Sessions facilitated by the unit, affording them an opportunity to register and RSVP online. Students can also upload CV's for potential employers, search and view employers and stay connected with the Unit.​