Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Computer User Areas

All students must register at the computer user areas.

To be able to register, please note the followin:

  • you must take note of the University's Electronic Communications Policy
  • you must already be registered as a student
  • your student card must be activated and magnetised, and you must have your card with you
  • you will need your student number and ID number
  • you will need the letter or sms containing your password that you received in the mail​


  • Students may connect their own computers to the University's campus network, subject to certain conditions.
  • For all computer and IT-related information, please visit our website at ITHUB or send an e-mail to helpinfo@sun.ac.za.

To avoid long queues, there is a remote registration process that may be followed for all private pc's. For more information, follow this link.