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Video Conferencing

Since 2009, Telematic Services has been responsible for a video conferencing unit. The system enables audiovisual person-to-person communication for meetings/interviews via landline or internet connections.

The video conference facility was upgraded in 2010 with cutting-edge technology through the acquisition of a new Polycom HDX 8000 video conference unit (codec), an HD camera and two 50" HD screens. The unit's content capability includes both people and content (send and receive).

Guest lecturers and presenters can also be brought into the studio from anywhere in the world via a videoconference link for a presentation during a live broadcast. The remote presenter will need access to a videoconference unit and do the presentation via the videoconference link to the videoconference unit in the broadcast studio. This presentation will be sent out to the participants via satellite. The videoconference link can be established either through ISDN (telephone lines) or IP (internet protocol), depending on the remote presenter's videoconference system.

The protocols supported are:

• ISDN via H.320 (includes "bonding")
Line speed: 3 x 128 kbps = 384 kbps

• IP via H.323
Line speed: 384 kbps (please note that a variety of factors can influence the line speed)

Dear Client,

To ensure that your video conference runs smoothly we ask that, if possible, you book five (5) working days in advance. This allows us time to arrange a test call with the other party to minimise risks on the day of your video conference. Thank you.

Connection via IP:

Connection via ISDN: +27 21 886 4601

Contact details:

Patsy van de Rheede
Tel : +27 +21 808 3563
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Hennie Roux
Tel : +27 +21 808 2494
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