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Mobile Camera Unit

 Telematic Services, as part of the Centre for Learning Technologies, has a mobile camera unit for the recording of any event that a lecturer would like to use within the teaching and learning environment as a clip during a satellite broadcast.

The process comprises three phases: Pre-production, production and post-production, and the clients should be available throughout the process for requisite meetings. It is very important to book a recording well in advance and to schedule a pre-production meeting to plan the production phase, which includes an on-site visit to where the recordings will take place.


This is the planning phase, during which the necessary information about the recording/production is gathered. During the initial meeting with the client the following aspects are discussed:

• Dates and times of recording
• Length of final programme
• Due date for delivery of final product
• Type of recording (lecture, demonstration, role play, sport, instrumental/song)
• Desired outcomes of the programme
• Target group
• Physical place (on/off campus, inside/outside, lighting, day/night, big/small, noise level)
• Number of participants (single presenter, group discussion, "actors")
• Sound requirements (live sound during recording, voice artist, music)
• Responsibilities of each team member
• Editing
• Duplicates
• Costs

The information above is used to prepare a quote, and production starts if the client is satisfied.


We visit the venue before the recording to prepare for the recording. The recording is then made. The information gleaned at the pre-production meeting is used to determine the equipment needed for the recording, e.g. the type and number of lights, microphones, props, etc.


The editing, voice recordings and music are done and compiled to complete the production. The client remains involved in the process, gives input and articulates his/her needs to ensure that the outcomes of the production are reached.

After completion of the production the client receives the master copy as final product, and additional copies can be ordered.

Examples include medical procedures, laboratory (chemistry, physics) procedures, agricultural procedures and role play within a business environment. The process includes three phases: Pre-production, production and post-production, and the clients should be available throughout the process.

Please direct your enquiries to:

Hennie Roux
Studio Manager
Tel: +27 +21 808 2494