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Earl Coleman (Chairperson)Earl Coleman.jpg


I love the law simply because, it protects and gives remedies to the most vulnerable and marginalised groups of our society. As Deputy President Langa , as he was then, put it in The City Council of Pretoria v Walker , "it is precisely [these] individuals who are members of such minorities who are vulnerable to discriminatory treatment and who, in a very special sense, must look to the Bill of Rights for protection." Secondly, and closely related to the notion of protecting minorities, is the concept of equality and readdressing the inequalities to achieve the goals as set out in the preamble of the constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996.

"Transformative constitutionalism connotes an enterprise of inducing large-scale social change through nonviolent political processes grounded in law" - Karl Klare (Legal culture and Transformative Constitutionalism 1998 14 SAJHR 146).



Ilarie Zevenbergen.jpgIlarie Zevenbergen (Deputy Chairperson)


I love the law for its adaptability, it's power to enforce change and strive for justice and equality.

"Study not what the world is doing, but what you can do for it."





Katy Gouws.jpgCatherine (Katy) Gouws


What I love about law is that it is a thinking profession - it is not merely about doing a mechanical job, rather it is about using the knowledge that one has acquired over many hours of studying to formulate a unique solution to a legal dilemma.

On the same train of thought, one of my favourite quotes relating to law was said by Martin Luther King Jr: “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” This quote reminds law students and practicing lawyers alike that the law is not something that should be blindly accepted; on the contrary it should be challenged and questioned. This consideration is essential to acquiring a thorough legal education. 



IMG_4970 (2).JPGAndreas Oosthuizen


Law is fascinating and it is everywhere, even in the smallest things. It regulates human behaviour, even when buying a sandwich.

"Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens" - Plato.





IMG_4962 (2).JPGKathryn de Villiers

LLM (Human Rights Law)

Law is my passion because of the integral role it plays in society, and the capacity it has to effect change.

"The Constitution [confirms] that we are not islands unto ourselves. The spirit of ubuntu, part of the deep cultural heritage of the majority of the population, suffuses the whole constitutional order. It combines individual rights with a communitarian philosophy. It is a unifying motif of the Bill of Rights, which is nothing if not a structured, institutionalised and operational declaration in our evolving new society of the need for human interdependence, respect and concern" - Sachs J in Port Elizabeth Municipality v Various Occupiers 2005 1 SA 217 (CC) para 37.