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Please watch this space for workshops that will be run during the course of 2017 in conjunction with SLSJ​.

The purpose of these sessions will be to improve and promote legal literacy on campus, by means of lessons on how to draft a society constitution, how to bring a matter to Student Court and helping students to better understand the Student Constitution.

In the meantime, please read this message from SLSJ:

In light of the rise in student disputes, issues and social movements towards change, the law and legal procedure have risen in demand and have been severely lacking in application.

In accordance with the student constitution, the nature and function of the Student Court is that:
"1) The Student Court-
(a) functions as an administrative tribunal; and
(b) is independent and subject only to this Constitution, which the Court must apply impartially and without fear, favour or prejudice. "

That said, the student court has teamed up with the Stellenbosch branch of SLSJ (Students for Law and Social Justice) to make this constitutionally provided platform more accessible and relevant to recent student needs.

The main priorities for this partnership are currently to address the recent move towards adapting and updating society and Student body constitutions, and to make procedures and formalities that relate to the use of student court more user friendly and accessible.

With these goals in mind we would like to call for applications to form a new task team to further the above goals.

The task team will be under the management of both the student court and SLSJ and would be invested in task like:
- creating a workshop to address these common constitutional issues
- creating an easy to use guide to creating a new constitution 
- reviewing student court procedures
- creating easy to use templates and documents to encourage easy access
- creating simple how to guides and videos where applicable
- assisting in procedure where relevant.

We encourage law students who have an interest in any of the above to apply. This is a great opportunity to put your degree to use and the affect change where it is necessary. This opportunity offers you an opportunity to acquire experience and exposure to legal procedure and allows you to build CV skills.

For application please send your email and brief CV to: