​​​​Graduation Day

The awarding of degrees, diplomas and certificates will take place in the Coetzenburg Centre at the Coetzenburg sports grounds from 9–13 December 2019. Each graduation ceremony will start punctually at the time indicated on the graduation schedule.

Arrival times

All graduates up to Master’s level

Graduands must report at the pavilion of the Danie Craven Stadium two hours prior to the commencement of the ceremony, already in possession of their hired academic wear. You will receive your announcement card at this point.

Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral candidates must report to the Barlow Room in the Jannie Marais homestead at Coetzenburg, 1½ hours prior to the commencement of the ceremony.

Late arrivals cannot be accommodated

If you arrive with or without your hired academic wear at the Coetzenburg Centre after the ceremony has commenced, you will not be able to walk over the stage and your qualification will be awarded in absentia.

Seating and venue protocol

The seating arrangements are as follow:

  • Reserved seats have been allocated for graduands
  • Guests do not have reserved seats
  • Ushers will be on hand to assist both graduands and guests to their seats

Late arrivals

  • Guests arriving after the commencement of a ceremony, even with admission tickets, may be requested to take a seat in the overflow venues
  • Guests arriving at the Coetzenburg Centre without admission tickets will be requested to take a seat in the overflow venue
  • Preschool children should preferably not attend the ceremonies. If it happens, such a child must also be in possession of an admission ticket and will therefore form part of the number of admission tickets that can be issued to a graduand
  • In keeping with the dignity of the ceremony, all graduands, as well as their guests, are requested NOT to leave the hall during the ceremony
  • Candidates and their guests are also kindly requested to bring only unflavoured water into the venue; no food or other beverages are allowed in the venue