Prior to Graduation

Have I qualified to graduate?

Please note that you must fulfil all requirements for your certificate, diploma or degree, in order to graduate.

The examination results of possible graduands will be officially released on Friday, 6 March 2020. You can obtain your results by:

Are my details correct?

Ensure that your name and surname are correct on the Student Portal, as replacement certificates will be at the student’s own cost.

Do I have outstanding fees?

Candidates who have outstanding fees will receive a sheath at the ceremony, which will not contain the official graduation documents, but will, instead, contain an account for the outstanding amount and a letter requesting payment thereof.

To make it possible for the University to issue graduation documents at the ceremony, candidates must for the purposes of the March/April 2020 ceremonies settle the outstanding amount before 12:00 on Friday, 20 March 2020

Contact Student Fees at 021 808 4521/4913 or via email at to make arrangements.

Click HERE for more information on student fees.

Special Requests

  • The degrees of disabled or injured candidates will be conferred below the stage area. · Special requests for the following can be sent to
  • Graduands who would not be able to cross the stage.
  • Graduands or guests that require the services of a sign language interpreter. Please note the venue is not equipped with a screen, arrangements will be made for the interpreter to be seated with the graduate or guests.
  • Guests who need special arrangements due to health reasons.
  • Guests in wheelchairs - reserve a place for a wheelchair next to the chair of a partner.
  • Please forward all requests before Wednesday, 25 March 2020