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School Engagement


The month June is the time when schools are focusing on finishing off the 2nd term, while our University is getting ready to close its application process. The Centre for Student Recruitment identified a total of 500 feeder schools at the beginning of the year, and committed to support the schools through the dissemination of information related to our programmatic offering and the application process. The 500 schools are distributed across the country in the following way, namely 300 in Western Cape, 50 in KwaZulu Natal, 50 in Gauteng, 50 in Eastern Cape, 25 in Mpumalanga and 25 in Limpopo. The Centre for Student Recruitment sent 500 personalized letters to all feeder schools during the month of June to celebrate the number of applications received, but also to raise an awareness of the incomplete status of some of the applicants.  

The Centre also partnered with colleagues at SUNCEP to track the applications generated through the Talent Development Programme (TDP) offered in all none provinces. The table below summarizes the applications received to date. It is interesting to see that more than 50% of our completed applications come from our 500 FEEDER schools. A concerted effort is however needed to reduce the number of incomplete applications. The final application data will be interrogated in an attempt to identify possible factors that impact our application process. These factors could include a lack of internet access, lack of support (1st generation students), the complexity of our application process, uncertainties related to programme choice, poor academic performance at the end of grade-11, etc.​

SchoolNot FinalIncompleteCompleteTOTAL
Non Visit Schools
8 783
5706 (26%)
21 861
500 Visit Schools2 1963 5147 642 (57%)
13 352


Source: Sun-i Dashboard at 30 June