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​Recruitment objective met:
  • Assisting learners with career pathing through psychometric assessment.

Event descriptionAudienceType
Career assessment with feedback sessions (learner and parents)
Top grade 11 learners
Bergrivier Secondary School
Klein Nederburg Secondary School
New Orleans Secondary School
Noorder Paarl High School
Paulus Joubert Secondary School
Schoonspruit Secondary School
Belgravia High School
Sarepta Secondary School
Rylands High School

Reach: 7​8

Interesting observations and findings:

  • Most of the learners assessed at the participating schools showed high potential of becoming Future Maties. 
  • The overall observation and findings were that time management and reading skills in general were lacking – this has been addressed with the learners and their parent(s).
  • Reading (in general) and extra classes in Maths, Sciences and Accounting was recommended.
  • Concerns from parents: financial assistance, accommodation and transport.
  • Not all learners presented high academic abilities (according to the aptitude test results). The SciMathUS programme were recommended.
  • Time management and reading skills lacked. 
  • In some interviews extra writing time was recommended.