Meals in residences

Accommodation fees do not include meals, except where so stated. The student cards of students placed in a University residence on the Stellenbosch Campus are activated for taking meals in the particular residence.  At the start of the year, students can load a maximum meal quota of R24 130 via a computer terminal in the relevant residence, or through the student portal onto the student fees account. The meals quota may likewise through either of the two methods be replenished during the course of the year  until a specific date as communicated in the Calendar 20​20, Part 3​. This due date is normally in the month of August.


After this date the quota may only be replenished with a cash payment at the Cashier's, or by an electronic card payment after signing in at the student portal under "Payment Options, "Fees", "Student fees online payments"). If the amount payable for the meal package is not depleted by the end of the academic year, the remainder is credited to the relevant student fees account.


Students are allowed to allocate a specific part of the meal quota for spending at an additional facility in the dining hall or in the Neelsie where different options of meals are made available.  However, students must be aware that meals at this facility are more expensively priced than the normally priced meals; the quota may therefore be depleted sooner if this option is preferred.


Meal Quotas


Cost of meals for 2020

Maximum package (3 meals a day, 7 days a week for more of less 258 days): between R18 713 and R21 649​​, provided that the option “meal of the day” is selected.  Other choices can be much more expensive.


Meal times 
Meals are served three times a day in the dining hall and students book in advance for the option of their choice. The times for meals shall be as arranged by the warden in consultation with the house committee.


Reservation of meals

Student on the Stellenbosch campus use a reservation system.  If the student is placed in a residence that provides for meals, the student's details are automatically recorded on the system.  The student must load a meal quota in order to activate the system.  Unreserved meals are priced at double the normal tariff.


PSO students 

PSO (Private Students' Organisation) students have to register ​on the SU portal to be allowed to enjoy meals in a residence in their cluster or in the Student Centre. After registration the PSO member has to make a payment into the prepaid meal quota system against which spending can be incurred. Please click here for instructions​.

Thereafter, all regulations will apply as applicable to resident students' meal facility.


Special Diets

Since food is prepared in bulk in University Residences, no student shall be entitled to a special diet.