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​Communication (digital)

Recruitment objectives met:
  • Exposing learners to excellence in higher education.
  • Informing prospective students of the application process and deadlines.
  • Positioning SU as an institution of choice in the higher education space.
  • ​Unlocking learner potential through immersive and experiential engagements.

Activities: Attraction phase (first engagement – SUSPECT)

The website ( remains the most valuable resource with regards to information sharing throughout the recruitment pipeline. An analysis of the data revealed that we had 246 483 unique visitors to our pages, with more than 626 249 views. It also became apparent that the engagement with the site was actioned through desktop computers (51%) and smartphones (42%), while visitors spent almost nine minutes on average searching the content.

Preferred web browsers include:
·         Chrome 33%
·         Chrome Mobile (24%)
·         Mobile Safari (12%)
·         Internet Explorer (6%)

·         Samsung Browser (6%)
·         Microsoft Edge (6%)

Learners and parents who use the website hail from the following provinces:
·         Gauteng (28%)
·         Western Cape (28%)
·         KwaZulu-Natal (10%)

To increase the number of visits from other provinces, we are planning a Facebook Ads campaign (Application Drive), targeting grade 12 BCIA learners from the other provinces.

It is interesting to observe that 29% of users go directly from the home page or the apply button to the eApplication page, where about 31% of users spend 10 minutes (and longer) on getting all the information they need. In comparison with other industry sites, 31% is a very high average rate for spending time on a website, especially for our target audience.

​The pages that are visited most are as follows:
Home/Apply; Application documents; Admission and selection requirements; How do I apply; What can I study; Closing dates; Residences; Select a programme; Application status; Study fees; NBTs; Payment Options and Career Advice.​