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​Recruitment objective met:
  • Assisting learners with career pathing through psychometric assessment.

Event descriptionAudienceType
Career assessment with feedback sessions (learner and parents)
Top grade 11 learners
South Peninsula High School
Malibu High School
Islamia College
Livingston High School
Benchmarking: Prospective students & assessmentsStudent counselling centresUniversity of the Western Cape &
University of Technology
Career choice workshop presentations
Grade 11 & 12 learners
Noorder Paarl High School

Interesting observations and findings:

  • ​South Peninsula High School is one of the chosen schools who will possibly be offering Marine Sciences as school subject in the near future. Three schools will be piloting this new subject in collaboration with the Department of Education. 
  • Some learners presented the need for extra support in Maths and Science. On recommendation, Gordon and Malibu High Schools' are starting extra classes to support learners in Maths, Accounting and Science.
  • Travelling and safety concerns (especially with regards to female prospective students) were highlighted by parents. 
  • The results on the reading comprehension and vocabulary aptitude subtests confirmed the modern trend of young people not reading in general. 
  • Time management skills were addressed among many learners, as results showed that many learners struggle to manage their time effectively.