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Attracting, Inducting and Retaining academic talent


The CSR is committed to using innovative techniques and approaches to position Stellenbosch University (SU) as a value-adding institution within the prospective student market. Accordingly, the Centre's strategic recruitment plan is aligned to the attainment of the Institutional Strategic Objectives of SU, as contained in Vision 2040, by Attracting, Inducting and Retaining (AIR) the best academic talent. The AIR philosophy comprises three approaches that move a prospective student from SUSPECT to PROSPECT and ultimately future MATIE. To this end, we are using three main vehicles to disseminate information, namely face-to-face engagement, communication (digital) and events. All three vehicles assist us in attracting, inducting and retaining the best academic talent for Stellenbosch University. For reporting purposes and to showcase how the CSR meets its recruitment objectives, the subsequent information is also divided into these main categories.

Furthermore, the AIR recruitment endeavour includes specific interventions aimed at facilitating access to opportunities in higher education for learners from various communities. In this report, the attainment of recruitment objectives as set out in the strategic recruitment plan will be highlighted per section.​