Welcome to Stellenbosch University


Maties101 is an online event hosted by our Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Wim de Villiers, and the Faculty Deans. 

This is an opportunity for you to gain first-hand experience on what SU offers and what to expect. 

This event will be a week-long celebration consisting of a general session, faculty events, and live questions and answers sessions where you can submit your questions and get in-time answers. 

Date: 3 October 2022
18:00 General programme
- Welcoming by the Rector;
#whoyoubecome: Student and alumni experience 

18:45 General Q&A
Can include but not restricted to:
- What to expect (parents) (students)
- Processes up to registration
- Not to miss preparatory and supplementary programmes
- Safety on campus
- Student funding and fees
- Accommodation on campus 

19:30 Faculty sessions
Each faculty will be hosting unique sessions for their students. 

Date: 4 October
17:30 Science Q&A
18:30 AgriSciences Q&A
19:30 Theology Q&A 

Date: 5 October
17:30 Economic and Management Sciences Q&A
18:30 Education Q&A
19:30 Medicine and Health Sciences Q&A 

Date: 6 October
17:30 Engineering Q&A
18:30 Arts and Social Sciences Q&A
19:30 Law Q&A 

You will receive both links before the start of the sessions. 

It will be a privilege to welcome you and your parents or guardians at this event.