Payment options


You must pay a compulsory first instalment by date of registration.


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Once you’ve registered, the University will send you a full account for the year, by post or by e-mail.


As a student, it is your responsibility to ask for an account if you have not received one.


It also remains your responsibility to ensure that you’ve provided the correct postal address and e-mail address.


You can log in to the student portal to check and update your address details, and to choose to receive the account by e-mail, or, by indicating the e-mail address of the person liable for payment, grant permission that the account may be sent to the correct person.


Student fees accounts are also available on


If your student fees are paid in full before or on 31 March, the University will grant you a discount of 3% on tuition fees, provided that your parent or guardian completes the prescribed form and hands it in at the Student Fees Section for processing of the application. This rebate, however, is not granted on the USB, SPL and MIKM components of the tuitions fees.


The rebate system for early payments has been extended to students who pay their study fees in full within sixty days after the official date of registration (for the specific student group they are part of) and who apply in the prescribed manner for the 3% rebate on SU tuition fees (excluding USB, SPL and MIKM components of tuition fees). 


Please note:

Your study fees for the relevant year must be paid in full before your application for rebate can be considered. Once the written application has been approved and calculated, the student fees account will be credited with the percentage rebate. The rebate should therefore not be deducted from the full amount due when making payment. 


Rebate on study fees:
If three or more children/members from the same family are registered simultaneously for a full-time programme at the University, a rebate of 10% per student may be granted on the tuition fees of each student, provided that the parent or guardian completes the prescribed form and hands it in at the Student Fees Section for processing of the application.


This rebate, however, is not granted on USB, SPL and MIKM components of the tuition fees. 


Choose your payment option:

Standard Payment Option (two instalments)
Payment by debit order system
Postal payments
Payment per credit card
Payment directly into a University bank account
Payments may be made personally to the cashiers


Standard Payment Option: In two instalments

Before or on 31 May:

75% of the total remainder of fees on the account after payment of the compulsory first instalment of study fees has been deducted, and if applicable, the compulsory first instalment of residence fees, at the time of registration.

Before or on 30 Sept:

The outstanding balance on the account 


Payment by debit order system:

 8 Monthly instalments under the University's debit order system (with due regard to payments made at registration)

First instalment:

Payable by 1 April

Automatic adjustment:

If additional amounts are charged to the students account after 1 April

Debit order form:

Download the form here - or request it from the Student Fees Division, Administration Building A, 2046 

Hand in the form:

On or before 10 March

Period of validity:

Full period of study OR a shorter period with 30 days written cancellation


Send postal payments to:

The Chief Operating Officer
University Office
Private Bag X1


Payment per credit card:

Electronic Credit Card Payment

Payments directly into the University's bank account (also available on the reverse of the student fees account):

Name: US - Studentegelde
Bank: Standard Bank
Acc no: 063163225
Branch: Stellenbosch
Branch code: 050610

SWIFT code: SBZAZAJJ (only for international payments)


Fax deposit slip to: 021 808-3739 OR e-mail deposit slip to

Download a printable PDF of the banking details needed for direct bank payment of student fees.

Payments may be made in person to the cashiers.


Office hours:

Stellenbosch and Tygerberg Campuses: Mondays to Fridays, 08:00 - 15:30
Belville Park Campus: Mondays to Fridays, 08:30-12:45 and 13:45-15:30





The Cashier
Block A
Central Administration 

The Cashier
Clinical Building (1st floor)
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences 

The Cashier
Main Building
Carl Cronjé Drive


Refunding of credit balance on student fees account


If you’ve paid too much, and you’re not a bursary holder, you can ask the University to refund the excess payment, after you’ve paid the full amount owed to the University for the year. To do so, please provide your full banking details by returning the completed prescribed form to the Student Fees Division. You must first ask your bank to verify and stamp the form.


If your account has a credit balance, and you are an Undergraduate bursary holder, you must please ask the bursary donor to provide written permission for the credit balance to be paid out.


If you are a Postgraduate bursary holder, please enquire about the procedure to be followed at the bursary office of the Postgraduate and International Office. 


Student Fees Division
Tel: +27 21 808 4913