Grade 9 subject choice guidance

How does subject choice guidance fit into the career decision-making process?

There are various factors that play a role in the process of making a successful career choice. One of the first considerations is a realistic and informed subject choice for grade 10 to 12. A learner's subject choice can have a significant implication in terms of a future career. Often, there is lack of understanding regarding the important considerations that contribute to making the correct subject choice. In order to support learners in their subject choice process, SU's Centre for Student Recruitment and Career Advice, offer professional subject choice guidance to grade 9 learners.

What does the service entail?

This service consists of a psychometric assessment of personality, aptitude and interests, an individual feedback session, as well as a written report of the results and recommendations. Recommendations are made based on the client's unique profile and could therefore include programmes at a variety of higher education institutions (and not just Stellenbosch University). This opportunity is offered to ALL prospective students and not only for those who wish to study at SU.

Cost of the service

The cost is R2250 per client and includes a 4 - 4.5 hour long assessment session, 1 hour personal feedback session, as well as a written report.

Bookings: Dial *120*1536# on your cell phone and follow the instructions.


Please note:


Subject choices for study at Stellenbosch University (Grade 9)





MEDICINE AND HEALTH SCIENCES Medical doctor; dietician; physiotherapist; occupational therapist; speech-language therapist. Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.
AGRISCIENCES Forest manager; food scientist; careers in animal and crop production; conservation ecologist; agricultural economist; winemaker; cellar manager; agronomist; careers in agri-tourism; general farming; consultant; teacher. Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences
ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCES Human Resource Manager, sport scientist; information specialist; politician; psychologist; social worker; actor; theatre scientist; graphic designer; artist; civil servant; language practitioner; musician; journalist (postgraduate programme); project planner; teacher. Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy (depends on choice of programme)
ECONOMIC & MANAGEMENT SCIENCES Chartered accountant; management accountant; financial accountant; actuary; economist; entrepreneur; investment manager; financial manager; marketing manager; human resource manager; logistics manager; risk manager; computer scientist (IT); Industrial psychologist; teacher. Mathematics, Afrikaans or English
EDUCATION Teacher: foundation, intermediate or senior phase (R to 9); educational psychologist (to become a high-school teacher, you must first obtain a B degree with the subject(s) that you would like to teach and then the Postgraduate Certificate in Education(PGCE)). Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
ENGINEERING Chemical, civil, electric and electronic, mechanical, mechatronic, or industrial engineer. Mathematics and Physical Sciences
LAW Advocate; lawyer; legal advisor. Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy (depends on choice of programme)
SCIENCE Ecologist; physiologist; biochemist; microbiologist; biokenetics; sport scientist; psychologist; physicist; geologist; GIS specialist; teacher; computer scientist (IT); mathematical statistician. Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Life Sciences strongly recommended if you wish to study a programme in Biological Sciences.
THEOLOGY Minister of religion; pastor; youth worker; pastoral therapist; careers in community development. Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy


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