International Students



To register with a study visa for Stellenbosch University.


To register as a citizen of another country but with permanent residence in South Africa.


To register as a South African citizen, provided he/she does not have a study visa in his/her other passport. 


Please note that students must submit the correct documentation at registration, i.e. either apermanent residence permit/stamp in their passport OR a valid study visa for Stellenbosch University A student who fails to submit one of the above will not be able to register.


All enquiries may be directed to the Postgraduate and International Office, Wilcocks Building, cnr. Ryneveld and Victoria Streets (entrance in Victoria Street). Office Hours for students are daily:  10:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 15:00 (closed on Wednesdays).


2016 Minimum Requirements: International Curriculums

Contact Persons:

General Inquiries: +27 (0)21 -808 2565 |
Carmelita Talmarkes: Full degree seeking, Undergraduate Admissions +27 (0)21 -808 2910 |
Cindi de Doncker: Full degree seeking, Postgraduate Admissions +27 (0)21 -808 2566 |
Tanya Fouche: Non degree seeking, Semester Study Abroad Admissions and/or Non degree seeking, Affiliate Researcher student admissions +27 (0)21 -808 3543 |
Alecia Erasmus: Non degree seeking, Semester Incoming Exchange Admissions +27 (0)21 -808 9437 |
Sue-Vicky Brandt: Finances +27 (0)21 - 808 4613 |
Linda Uys: Visas +27 (0)21 -808 4628 |