First year residence application and placement process for 2017

Excellence enhanced through diversity is an important principle in the University’s residence placement policy, and both are continuously considered along with all the other provisions. The University believes that diversity makes a vital contribution to creating excellence among its students. After all, we learn more from those who are different from us than those who are exactly like us. Diversity at university level also prepares students for the South African and international reality. Therefore, we want to create diversity-rich environments in the University’s student communities. In this way, we acknowledge that students are diverse in many respects (not only in terms of ethnicity), which needs to be reflected in the composition of our student communities.


With this as a point of departure, the University works according to specific placement categories, as determined in the residence placement policy and the management guidelines. Read more in the pamphlet on first year residence application and placement.


Please take note of the following:

- The University annually receives more than 8 000 applications for approximately 2000 available places for first years in residence. Place in residence is therefore limited and subject to a selection process. This is why we cannot guarantee that you will receive place in your residence or a place in a residence of choice

We aim to promote diversity and to have an even spread of students from diverse backgrounds across all our residences. Therefore, we follow the guidelines in our residence placement policy and will unfortunately be unable to consider any transfers to other residences.


1. How do I apply for residence placement?
2. Which placement criteria does the University use?
3. What happens if I receive place in residence?
4. What happens if I don’t receive place in residence?
5. What should I do to cancel my residence placement?
6. What if I’m looking for private accommodation?