Private accommodation


What is a PSO?

All students who do not live in University residences are divided into PSO wards. PSO is short for Private Student Organisation – the organisation that caters for students who do not live in residences in order to allow them a similar social structure to that enjoyed by "res" students. Please take note that PSO's do not provide accommodation - it is the students’ own responsibility to find suitable private accommodation.


In terms of a resolution by the Council of the University, every student in private lodgings shall become a member of the Private Students' Organisation (PSO) and pay the membership fee. There are ten PSO wards on the Stellenbosch Campus and one on the Tygerberg Campus. Newcomer students are divided electronically and randomly into PSO wards. Students are informed by e-mail of the specific PSO ward they have been allocated to. The PSO wards are:


Venustia (women)
Equité (women)
Silene (women)
Aristea (women)
Libertas (men)
Oude Molen (men)
Pieke (men)
Vesta (men)
Aurora (men and women)
Olympus (men and women)
Osler (Tygerberg Mixed-gender Private ward)


What is a cluster?

Together with the residences, PSO wards form clusters. The PSO ward to which a student has been allocated also determines the cluster to which that student belongs. A cluster consists of a number of residences and PSO wards that are grouped together. Clusters play a significant role in the integration and support of newcomer students on campus, particularly by means of mentor groups for such students. Subsequently, clusters ensure that students experience the University as a caring and nurturing place, and so that residence students, day students and students who have private accommodation are integrated.

See also: Centre for Student Structures and Communities


Where can I find private accommodation?

Please take note that it is the students’ own responsibility to find suitable private accommodation. Students can enquire about private accommodation at the following links:

Nooitgedacht Private Student accommodation  


Stellenbosch rental agents




Campus Key


Ivy League
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Eikenhof Private Hostel
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