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Projects and Committees

Projects of Parliament

The projects of Parliament are to make recommendations with regards to Policies and best practices, scrutinize and oversee Executive action, facilitate public participation and involvement in relevant processes, participate in, promote and oversee co-operative government, Engage in and participate in international relations.

The outputs for the projects includes: recommendations made with regards to policies and best practices, questions put to the Executive, annual reports tabled and scrutinized, public participation facilitated, participation in international forums and organizations, appointed public office bearers and discharged statutory functions.

Recommendations with regards to Policies and best practices

Recommendations wrt policies and best practices can be done by means of a sitting of Parliament, any Matie, Student Parliament Committee, one of the SP committees, any structure of student governance or a combination of parties.

Scrutinize and oversee Executive action

Parliament oversees and scrutinizes Executive actions through its various committees and office bearers. Accountability activities include questions put to the executive, discussion of annual budget process, tabling of reports by its various committees. Thus Maties, SP, SPC and committees of SP put questions to the executive for oral or written reply. Question may be put to SRC Chair, Vice Chair or any other SRC member. Parliamentary committees may require relevant individuals to appear before them.

Public participation

Parliament provides a forum for public consideration of issues and facilitates the involvement of Maties in the processes of Parliament. Access to the institution, its members and providing information to Maties remain a vital focus of Parliament.

Public participation activities include public hearings, outreach programs, radio programs and broadcasts, publications, newsletters, the website and possibly sectorial parliaments.

Co-operative government

Parliament plays an important part in facilitating co-operative government by working with the other organs and structures of student governance.

Please also be sure to view section 52 of the Student Parliament Constitution.

International Participation

Parliament aims to continuously engage with similar structures of student governance. Within the RSA context we aim to establish a National Student Parliament structure to strengthen constitutional democracy within student governance. On the African continent we aim to establish synergistic networks and to learn from and share experiences to strengthen relations. Outside of the African continent we are also looking forward to engaging with our BRICS, NATO and EU counterparts.


Student Parliament Committees

A variety of student parliament committees will be set up. In this way Matie students can be involved in the continued pursue of accountability transparency and consultative governance.

Some of the committees students can apply for are:

1.       Standing committees

  • Constitutional democracy
  • Financial oversight committee

2.       Joint committees

  • Student fees
  • Bursaries and loans
  • PG students
  • Institutional Culture
  • Sustainability
  • International students

Matie first years can also get involved by applying for the position of first year speaker. This individual will work alongside SRC student parliament and other bodies to ensure that first years are represented in all areas of decision making.

3.       Ad Hoc Committees

  • Maties shuttle
  • Safety

4.       Portfolio committees

Accountability committee in consultation with SPC appoints a number of Portfolio committees to on specific SRC portfolios