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Parliament Week

11 to 15 August 2014 is the first ever Stellenbosch University Parliament Week.

We are hosting the first ever Parliament Week in Stellenbosch between 11 and 15 August. The idea behind the week is to get students exited about politics and encourage them to take part when it comes to matters such as transparency, accountability and democratic governance. Our theme is 'get involved' with the objective to enhance citizenship amongst students.


​​The agenda:

Monday, 11 August

     Opening patry of Parliament Week

Politics is a dangerous game, It might even be scandelous

Venue: The Happy Oak

Time: 20:30

Theme: Political Scandal

Dress Code: Semi Formal

Refreshments available.


Tuesday, 12 August

Please inbox us on Facebook if you are interested. Send us you Name, Student Number and ID.



Wednesday, 13 August

The First Year Forum presents:

Soapbox Wednesday Lunch

On the Rooiplein, 12h45 to 13h45


Residents traditions necessary or just resisting change

Does residents loyalty lead to the development of an elitist attitude of us and them amongst students?

Is racsism a issue which need a attention in Stellenbosch or are there more pressing social issues, if so what?

Does the desparity in the attention that is given to resident and pso leave students feeling residents students are more important than those of PSO?

As an student do you feel that there are certain degrees such as  Ba that are of a lesser value than other degrees?

Is the language policy at SU bringing students of different cultures closer together or further apart?

This generation of young students are seen as being apathetic, is this true?


Thursday, 14 August

Joint event with SPOSSA.


Friday, 15 August

Interactive Forum with the South African Institute of International Affairs

Time: 13h00 - 14h00

Venue: tbc