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Student discipline

The Student Discipline Office manages compliance with the Disciplinary Code for Students of Stellenbosch University.


We investigate all complaints of misconduct by students. A small team consisting of the Head: Student Discipline (HSD), Manager: Student Discipline (MSD) and Investigator: Student Discipline (ISD) guide students and Functionaries through the process, making sure that they are aware of their obligations and rights.


The Student Discipline Office provides administrative and clerical support to the disciplinary processes conducted by the House Disciplinary Committees (HSD), Residence Disciplinary Committees (RDC), Central Discipline Committee (CDC), External Disciplinary Panels (EDP) and the Disciplinary Appeal Committee (DAC). The office also provides advice to any other disciplinary Functionary on request.


Our key stakeholders include students, Faculties, Residences, Student Affairs, the Equality Unit and other bodies within Stellenbosch University, but we also interact with external role-players, such as the South African Police Service, the Senior State Prosecutor’s Office, Stellenbosch Municipality, lawyers and parents of students.


For more information on our role in student discipline, the roles of the various committees, the procedures involved or the possible sanctions, please consult the Student Disciplinary Code.

Useful documents

Departmental plagiarism form. A form for departments to record and report alleged plagiarism.

Record of community service. A form for students.

Plagiarism declaration form​. A form for students.