Center for Student Counseling & Development
Welcome to Stellenbosch University



1.       Q: Which disabilities do you support?

A: All disabilities or special needs that come to us are considered. When we can support, we shall inform you what is possible and what is impossible, given our environment and resources.


2.       Q: Is support or special accommodations automatically transferable from school/matric?

A: No, these are not automatically transferable. When you come to University, you have to submit a new application that follows the guidelines of the University. Once registered, log onto and find the Exams/Tests section on the website. Then go to the section that notes extra writing time for the documentation to be completed by you, your faculty and your practitioner.


3.       Q: Will noting a disability exclude me from being accepted?

A: Your application will be considered with those of all other applicants to the University, where the entry requirements will be scrutinised. You will have to note your disability and special needs if you want these to be taken heed of should your application be successful.


4.       Q: If I applied to other universities as well, and included a bursary application form, will the bursary application be sent to Stellenbosch University automatically?

A: No, this is not an automatic transfer between universities.


5.       Q: Do you assess people for a disability or special need?

A: No, we do not do this. We need to have a record or history of your condition.


6.       Q: If I have never been diagnosed or assessed before and am not sure if something is wrong, what can I do?

A: Make an appointment to see a psychologist at the Centre for Student Counselling and Development, and we shall have a discussion with you about the best route to take