About Venustia

Founded on the values of respect, integrity, compassion, inclusivity & equity, Venustia aims at fostering a space for each member to call their ‘second home’. All members of Venustia take pride as "the Swans" signified by the Crest of our House which entails strength and beauty that shines from within. 

Venustia's vision and mission 

Venustia seeks to be an all-inclusive space that assists students in becoming engaged citizens with inquiring minds. Venustia aims at creating and maintaining a platform where students can explore their identities and world views in a safe and encouraging space; while also breaking down any subconscious biases.

Venustia's values

Respect: Acting in a way that shows acceptance of others' presence and well-being. This also includes taking into acknowledgment the values, opinions, rights, and personal actions of fellow Swans.

 Integrity: Venustia and its Swans hold themselves accountable to be consistent in upholding Venusita's values. This means that we strive to be honest, transparent and of good character and intentions.

 Compassion: “Beauty Through Strength" means that in order for our community to feel strength in its unity – our members need to feel heard. Our compassion value is actively trying to understand one another's pain and triumphs. Having compassion for one another is what allows us to embody “Beauty through Strength".

Inclusivity: Venustia believes that inclusivity means to actively incorporate and value the ideas, identities, and beliefs every member has established for themselves. We seek to be a platform that promotes equality and equity in a sustainable and fluid way.

 Equity: Recognizing the areas in your sense of self and identity that need developing. This is done by providing members with the platforms and equal opportunities they need to achieve their own definition of personal development and strength of character.

The history of Venustia

Venustia is a Private Student Organization (‘PSO’) of Stellenbosch University established in 2008. As a PSO, Venustia actively seeks to assist newcomers in their transition from secondary schooling into tertiary schooling in a way that is fun and exciting. Our community motto “Beauty Through Strength” is an indicator of what our core beliefs are – building strength in character. We strive to create an environment for students to feel comfortable enough to express themselves.

Mentorship offered by Venustia

Recruited and chosen by Venustia, mentors serve to facilitate the transition of newcomers into Stellenbosch University with compassion, open-mindedness, and inclusivity. There are 16 dedicated students on the Venustia mentor team who are eager to grow and adapt alongside newcomers in a meaningful and impactful way. Mentors play an integral role in fostering compassion, open-mindedness, and inclusivity at Venustia. Most importantly, mentors provide newcomers with the opportunity to participate in campus life.

Activities and offerings​

Several opportunities for interaction are provided by Venustia to encourage a sense of genuine connection among its members. Through our activities, members discover new levels of self-discovery beyond their comfort zones. Our primary goal is to develop the graduate attributes of our members. 


Our Activity Offerings are endless however here is a little glimpse into what we have to offer: 

·         Culture: Venustia's Got Talent, Debating, SUAcapella, Palesa Festival​, Molassesêr

·         Sport: Netball, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Table Tennis

·         Sustainability & Social Impact events: i.e., Termly Eco-Closet Market

·         Womxn Empowerment Workshops

·         Venustia House Dance 

·         Socials

·         Leadership development opportunities: i.e., Business Week

·         Critical engagements/Deep Meaningful Conversations

·         Derby week 

Venustia's Primaria

Miaan van Zyl

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Social Media

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