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About Silene

Silene PSO is a female only private student organization and consists of students living in private accommodation who attend Stellenbosch University. We were established in 2008 and have been growing strong ever since. Our values of UNITY, FRIENDSHIP, RESPECT, INDIVIDUALITY and ACCEPTANCE are important to all of us here in Silene, and these are always kept in mind when planning events and activities. We assist new comers through their initial transitional period into university life in order to ensure that they flourish both academically and socially throughout the duration of their studies. We also ensure that our members acquire graduate attributes (the out of class experience) to be well rounded citizens and we offer a sort of “home base" for our members.

Silene's vision and mission

Unity within our leadership towards the members of the house to lead to the creation of friendships through listening and understanding our members.
We want to change perspectives to establish growth within individuals through a value-driven system. We strive to be inclusive by providing the opportunity for our members to express their individuality, while ensuring respect for their diversity, in order for them to feel acceptance within Silene.

Silene's values


The history of Silene

We were founded in 2008, and have transformed to being multilingual house. We have continuously moved and built a strong foundation each year to establish a community whereby our members can connect authentically. We have focused on being forward thinking each year to remain innovative.

Activities and offerings

Leadership Development:
A platform where we provide our members with the opportunity to develop into active citizens, outside their academic field and gain graduate attributes. They are exposed to gain insight on group dynamics and gain the ability to be innovative and engaging with diversity on a large platform to develop the future thinking of the house.
Critical Engagement:
An opportunity to engage critically with contentious conversations on campus and the broader community of the country and even the world. We strive to create active citizens within our PSO where our members take active interest in the issues of campus.
Silene sport offers both Netball and Hockey, and the great thing about our sport teams is that you don't need any experience. Whether you're fresh out of a high school sports team or you've taken a few lazy years, it doesn't matter; Silene has you covered. 
We offer a variety of activities and opportunities for students to express their creativity.
Here you can bring out your inner actor. This is a short play done with another PSO or Residence. We receive a theme a create a play around it.
Here is the big one! If you love pitch perfect, this one is for you. This is a group of 10 to 20 people that perform a 10 minute acapella show. You need to be able to hold a note and bring some on stage sass. There is a Sêr leader that will help prepare and with learning the music. The auditions will be held in welcoming week.
Here you can join your fellow Silene sisters in singing just for fun and bringing a lot of team spirit and enthusiasm! We are a group of about 40 to 100 people that tell a story through songs. You don't have to be a good singer to participate! It is purely for fun. We walk around campus and perform in front of our fellow PSO's and residences.
First Year Dance
The ultimate gathering for you as a first year to socialize with your fellow Silenians.
The most creative dress-up and quirky fundraising dance.
Matric Dance style 2.0. Glitz and glamor and a farewell to a great year that takes place at the end of the year and appreciates the year that has been created.

Mentorship offered by Silene

Our mentor team consists of senior students who have a passion for helping new members get settled in to the new environment and lifestyle they will encounter in their first year of studying at Stellenbosch University. Our mentors are always available whenever you need help, guidance or just a chat.

Our mentors will help you out in all spheres of life such as your academic struggles, social wellbeing and so much more. Our mentors are there to help you grow and develop into a better version of yourself and will challenge you and open up your mind to a whole new world.

Silene's Primaria


Julia Lamprecht

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PSO Coordinator: Lisinda de Jager

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