About Oude Molen

Oude Molen is a Private Student Organisation at Stellenbosch University, and forms a part of the Victoria Cluster, which aims to provide a platform off of which its members have the opportunity to develop themselves academically and in all spheres of their university lives.

Oude Molen's vision and mission

Oude Molen strives to enhance the holistic development by all its members, by providing the opportunity for growth and development through a variety of opportunities outside the classroom such as leadership, sports and cultural activities. 

Oude Molen's values

Respect, Unity, Balance, Inclusivity, Belonging and Compassion

Oude Molen's history

Oude Molen was established in 1973 as one of the four initial PSOs and was named after the old water mill that runs in Stellenbosch. The water mill now stands as artwork in the centre of town for all to admire. Oude Molen has always and will always provide a home away from home for students coming from any part of the globe and offers an inclusive, comfortable, and enriching environment to help our members through their university careers.

Activities and offerings

Oude Molen prides itself on offering a wide variety of opportunities and activities to its members. Throughout the year, there will be a host of events ranging from social, to cultural to critical engagement, which we hope will satisfy the needs of each and every one of our members.
We also provide many sporting activities, ranging from sports such as cricket, rugby and hockey, to basketball and table tennis, again aiming to allow every member to participate in something they enjoy.
Another big part of Oude Molen is our cultural activities, and our 3 biggest cultural events are Toneelfees, a series of small productions performed and written by members, Molasse Sêr, and probably our biggest cultural event, Klein SU Acapella, an acapella singing competition. Added to these wonderful opportunities, we also offer leadership opportunities within the PSO which allow for development outside of the classroom environment.

Mentorship offered by Oude Molen

The mentors are a special group of individuals that dedicate themselves to helping newcomers make the adjustment to their new life in university as smoothly as possible and continue to provide support and friendship to our members throughout the year.

Oude Molen's Primarius


Stephen Southway

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 Content Editor

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