About Osler

Osler is a private student organisation (PSO) that is comprised of all Tygerberg students who live privately i.e. do not live in one of the residences on campus. The student community is composed of over 3000 students studying in various health sciences degree programs offered at Stellenbosch University. We aspire to be a society that is driven by its values and prides itself in embodying the vision we have for Osler. 

Osler's vision and mission

Osler serves as a community away from one’s native community. We create a community where our members feel seen, represented and empowered and driven to grow as individual. We believe in developing future leaders and laying the groundwork to create the worl we wish to see. 

Osler's values

Osler's values are encompassed in the following acronym:

I – Inclusivity

  C – Cognisance

A – Altruism

R – Respect

E – Empathy


These values assist in shaping us as a community and contribute to one's development as a well-rounded healthcare professional. 

The history of Osler

Osler was established in 2010 and is the only PSO on Tygerberg campus. Our community consists of MBChB, Allied health and Post graduate Health sciences students. 

Mentorship offered by Osler

Our Osler Mentors will be there to support and help you throughout your journey as a first-year. They will be there for you when you need to talk, when you have questions or when you just need a friend.

The Mentorship programme is not purely academic, but has more of a social influence to guide you on how to survive on and off campus, as a PSO student. They also connect students to the necessary academic support personnel provided to us by the faculty, making it that much easier for you to focus on your academic aspirations.

We are very proud of the growth and development that the Osler Mentor Program has made over the past few years as the mentors are seen as an extension of the House Committee which has proven to be a significant asset to Osler as a whole. Osler strives to create a community amongst students and the Mentors enhance this vision immensely.

Activities and offerings

Culture – Osler is on the fore front when it comes to culture as “Helseros", our Osler SU acapella team of 2022, were deemed the Champions of the mixed SU acapella groups. Osler also hosts various culture evenings with other residences on Tygerberg campus.

Critical engagement – Osler also facilitates critical engagement sessions which can be described as open conversations about various topics of importance.

Leadership – The leadership of Osler consists of the House committee, Mentors, Men tuts, the Junior committee and various other sub committees from individual portfolios.


Sports – All Osler's students have the opportunity to take part in various sport activities, such as netball, rugby, hockey, tennis, soccer, squash, athletics, basketball


Social – Dances, hikes, night markets, movie nights etc.


Tygermaties cluster – Osler PSO forms part of the Tygermaties cluster on Tygerberg campus. Every year the cluster hosts various events to which all Tygerberg students are welcome to attend and participate in.


Welcoming – Each year Osler welcomes its newcomers through incorporating various activities for students to take part and get to know one another in. Taking part in Vensters practice with our PSO's specific Connect partners is extremely fun and exciting. 


Osler's Primaria

Palesa Ntshwarang

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