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About Equité

Equité PSO is a place where you can evolve into an all-rounder, critical-thinking and empowered individual in society.
Equité is a Private Student Organization (PSO) established in the year 2009 and is based on 6 core values: love, respect, passion, perserverance, sisterhood and unity.  The PSO is run by Stellenbosch University students (consisting out of the Primaria, Vice-Primaria, house committee, mentors, different committees and section leaders.) They pride themselves by creating a welcoming culture, a culture of sisterhood as well as taking care of one another.  Equité forms part of the amaMaties Cluster and co-believes in empowerment through friendship.
In Equité individuality and expression of one’s true self is encouraged, we aim to provide each and every member with a support structure and an all-rounded university experience.

Equité's vision and mission

To be an inclusive, innovative PSO that is reflective of where we come from and what we aspire to:

Be a constructive, progressive environment
  • By engaging in informative and empowering interactions with our community.
Be accountable for our actions
  • By taking personal responsibility and opening communication channels to allow meaningful and constructive feedback.
  • By holding ourselves and others accountable.
Embrace one another open heartedly while standing firm against damaging and ill-natured behaviour
  • Unquestionably accepting diversity with a willingness to learn from each other.
  • Through accountability, we do not condone any form of prejudice, discrimination, political and social injustice, past, present and future.
Be intentional and consistent
  • Leadership structure needs to be deliberate in its actions and that will spread to the house.
Be supportive in all aspects of wellness
  • Through effective mentoring and genuine connections.
  • Actively engaging in events and activities within our community

Equité's values

SISTERHOOD - as a sisterhood we are closer than friends; united together in our strengths.

  • sisterhood evokes the definition of trust, loyalty, and caring. Openness and transparency and a love that is accepting.
  • By keeping it as sisterhood, we embrace the empowerment felt by the gathering of women. There is power in Sisterhood. We define it as a force that stands together. As women, we have strength in numbers.


LOVE – A deeply rooted interpersonal connection that embodies all that we do.

  • Love is something that is represented through the other values. It is too great of a thing to not have its own value and it is foundation of all the other values. If you love all the other values come naturally
  • We need to convey that love is not purely romantic and that acceptance and compassion branch from love.

RESPECT - humanity towards all through compassion and acceptance.

  • The definition we chose for respect derived from the word 'Ubuntu'.
  • We realised that in terms of leadership, people think respect is directly in proportion to hierarchy, but we believe it's more respect for other people - their opinions, background, cultures, etc.
  • In Equité, we are all different and this definition resonated with us the most.
  1. We need to have respect and be accountable for our actions towards people and for what is happening around us – we need to regard people and be considerate towards them.


PASSION – intrinsic motivation to achieve excellence and take pride in all that you do.

  • passion can be described as an abstract noun linked to a strong feeling one feels about something that they are willing to put their full heart into.
  • passion is our driving force that supersedes a lot of things. To do well, and to do something successfully, there needs to be passion.  
  • From the leadership perspective, in order to fuel and guide our purpose, we need to be led by this value. If we're not passionate about we're doing, then why are we doing it?
  • It's the value that displays our pride without coming across as proud.


PERSEVERENCE – to overcome adversities and reach beyond perceived limitations

  • While passion had the force to drive us, perseverance has the power to push us.
  • When passion is lacked, perseverance plays an important role in ensuring that we remain practical and that we are still able to continue.
  • This value can also be taken into the academic sphere. Not everyone wants to study, or write exams, but due to perseverance and the push we give ourselves,
  • Perseverance creates the space for accountability. Once someone has a sense of accountability, responsibility – personal and shared – becomes easier to maintain.

The history of Equité

Equité was established in 2009 and will thus turn 10 years old in 2019! We can not wait to reflect on our journey – be sure not to miss out on it!

Activities and offering

1. Sport

We want to build each other up, create strong, independent women. Proud of our athleticism and our physique. But we also like some fun. So if you have played before or not - join us on this journey.

Focussed sports:

- Netball

- Hockey

- In 2018 we partnered with HIITFIT Stellenbosch

- Soccer (seeing that when we do not have enough players to fill a team we partner up with other houses)

- Table tennis

- Tennis

Although above mentioned sports are our main focus, we do not limit us to our availability of sports – so if you participate/want to participate in any other sport in the future (that we do not offer), come speak to our sports HK and we will definitely do our best to find you your sport!

2. Critical Thinking and Leadership Development

Critical Thinking and Leadership Development are vital aspects within the structures of university. Within the portfolio, our main aim is to develop a diverse group of independent leaders to foster a strong leadership structure within Equité as foundation to immense possibilities and women empowerment. As you head your journey to Stellenbosch University, it is important to become aware and read up on the big issues such as Fees Must Fall, Rape Culture, Decolonising our university as well as becoming familiar and aware with specific terms used. Remaining open-minded, informed and aware of the happenings on campus through critical discussions will allow you to think out of the box and get involved on campus! As a House, encouraging the creativity and enthusiasm of our Equité sisters is the stepping-stone to great future leaders.

3. Blogging

4.Community Impact

Equité is devoted to giving back and positively impacting the lives of those around us. This portfolio is very open for suggestions as we are constantly building and taking on new projects each year!  Some previous projects include reading projects with primary school learners, SPCA

visits, fundraisers and, ofcourse, our annual sandwich drive!

5. Culture

“A little sing-song in the distance.

The artistry of the mime trying to escape his four-walled prison.

Some intellectual jibber-jabber,

and through it all the sound of someone immortalizing the moment in one beautiful snapshot."

Culture is alive and as robust as ever in Stellenbosch University and the Equitѐ Culture committee wants to be your gateway to all that the community has to offer. Our purpose is to entice you to avail yourself to represent our PSO in all of the events that take place on campus and we definitely cannot do it without you.

Culture, encompasses all and any sort of cultural event such as our highlights like Toneelfees, Molasse Sêr and SU Acapella, but we also have smaller events that we as a PSO, or amaMaties as a cluster, would host such as spiritual enlightenment sessions, meditation hikes, yoga sessions, dance classes etc.

Molassesêr is a fun combination of acapella singing, theatrics and dancing. There is no need for professional performers here as it is all about putting on an entertaining performance, rather than a competitive one.

SU Acapella on the other hand is a very formal competition where each residence/PSO puts together an official acapella team to compete against one another.

Lastly, Toneelfees is our drama competition. Plays are put on throughout a week, where each house have the right to show off their incredible talents and the different plays can also walk away with a title in the end.

Culture events is an experience you do not want to miss!

6. Committees

The best way to stay involved in Equité, meet your life long sisters and give back to you House and University; is by becoming part of a committee. It is a rewarding experience to be part of planning events, building friendships and growthing for and with your sisters. You can become involved the moment you arrive in your first year! Find your place in Equité.

7. Events

Throughout the year, Equité's committees work hard to provide and produce great events for our Equité sisters. These events are a huge part of your student life, so make sure you stay in the loop to not miss it!

Events include:


We love to “network" and extend our friendship circles, thus we have social events with other residences and PSO's throughout the year. These events are incredibly fun and are great bonding experiences. Equité have three dances throughout the year; First years dance, Huisfondsdans and Huisdans. 

Huisfondsdans is an informal event and usually has a theme where everyone dress up according to it. It also serves as a fundraiser for Huisdans. Our annual Huisdans is a formal function known for its elegance, style and memorable moments.

Equité Week:

“Equité week" is an entire week full of Equité activities and events. The week will usually start with a House Meeting or an event like Miss Equité and ends off with Huisdans. Examples of activities in Equité week are socials, alumni evening, sections games, caucus to select a new house committee, critical engagement evening, etc.


S.A.V.E. is an initiative created by the four female PSO's (Silene, Aristea, Venustia and Equité). Each term we have a different theme for example “save yourself" and “save your academics". It is a way to empower women on campus.


At the end of each year, each PSO and residence gets paired up with another PSO or residence to form “jool partners".  At the end of welcoming they do “vensters" together, but to ensure that the team already knows each other before welcoming starts, the students go on a “jooltour" where they get to know each other better.  Jooltour usually happens in the beginning of  the December holiday and it consists of camping, community interaction, socializing, etc. 

8. Sections

Your sections committee is devoted to making sure our Sections are active throughout the year. There are five sections in Equité in which our House is divided in to. Our sections are named after our values; Love, Passion, Respect, Sisterhood and Perseverance.

Mentorship offered by Equité

In the beginning of Welcoming in each year our newcomes are assigned to a mentor group.  The purpose of having a mentor while being a newcomer is to create a space of support on a more personal level.  Our mentor program do not end when welcoming ends, but stretch right through the year to ensure that whenever a new challenge arise, our newcomers can turn to their mentors for help, advice or even if they just need a friend or someone to talk to.


Equité's Primaria


Cacee Jochems

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