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About Aristea

A PSO is a private student organisation. A “private student” is a student who does not live in a university residence, but rather in a flat or at home or any other form of private accommodation. All PSOs and residences are then grouped in clusters according to location. There are 7 clusters in total and Aristea forms part of the Wimbledon Cluster. Aristea PSO, established in 1973, is the oldest ladies PSO and one of the biggest on campus.

Aristea's vision and mission

Aristea is a home away from home where members feel they have a place and space to turn to and connect with others on campus. Aristea is an opportunity generator with our leadership development and co-curricular activities whereby members are encouraged to make their choice of sphere of growth. Aristea provides an identity that grounds an individual in the larger community.

Aristea's values


“A feeling or understanding that someone or something is important and should be treated in an appropriate way.”

Aristea strives to respect the opinions, actions, input and presence of every member of the house and thus we treat this value with the utmost importance.


“Easy to talk to or deal with; able to be reached or approached.”

Aristea strives to be accessible to newcomers, seniors and other members of the house. We have an open-door policy whereby we encourage any house members to come and ask questions frequently. Aristea also aims to be friendly and accessible during welcoming so that every newcomer will feel at home within the PSO.


“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”

Aristea aims to apply integrity in all aspects and tasks. The leaders of Aristea strive to be ethically correct, to fulfil promises, to acknowledge when they are at fault and to act fairly during decision-making and completing tasks.


“A duty or task that you are required or expected to do; something that you should do because it is morally right”

Aristea takes full responsibility for every decision made by the leadership of the house as well as any consequences that may arise. In addition, each member has the responsibility to inform Aristea's leadership if they experience any unhappiness or discomfort with any Aristea-related matter.



“The quality that makes one person different from all others”

Aristea strives to take every aspect of individuality into consideration when planning our events, functions and various different activities. The members of the house have the freedom to express themselves and be involved in anything they identify with. Each member has the right to express their views to ensure that Aristea improves individuality further in the future. Every member of the house contributes in their unique way to what Aristea is.

The history of Aristea

Aristea is the first and oldest women’s PSO established in 1973. Our extensive years provide experience and a legacy that is irreplaceable on campus.

Activities and offerings

  • Sport – Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Table tennis
  • Culture – One Act Play, Acapella, Culture evenings
  • Leadership development
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Dances
  • Socials

Mentorship offered by Aristea

We currently have 19 mentors that are handpicked out of a large senior group to guide our newcomers within their first year. Their role is to create a comfortable and inviting environment specifically within welcoming week.  We are also introducing a new project we call “Big Sister Little Sister” which is where seniors provide a support structure for those younger than them whether they are in first year or even up to third year. The growth of our members in all spheres of their lives is of our utmost concern.


Aristea's Primaria


Summer Robertson

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