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Paper Feedback


How does the paper system work?

Step 1:

Order forms from the Student Feedback Office

  • Complete an Interdepartmental requisition on the US Central System (OE code: 5834).
  • Remember to write down the Requisition number.
  • Follow this link to complete and submit your Order form.  The Student Feedback Office will be notified as soon as you have submitted the form.

Please note: Student Feedback forms must be ordered at least two weeks before the date it is required. This will give the Student Feedback Office enough time to get the forms ready for collection.


Step 2:

Complete a Cover page

  • Send the completed forms together with the electronic cover page to the Student Feedback office at Bosman street 15, Manewales


Step 3:

Processing and reporting

  • The Student feedback office will process the Student feedback data as received and send out the reports via SHAREPOINT to lecturers and their line managers (e.g. HoD's and Deans)
  • Processing and reporting of paper feedback can take up to 4 weeks to complete.


Programme Feedback forms

Student feedback on learning and teaching programs makes a valuable contribution to the development of these programs. The existing system of student feedback on individual modules and lecturers includes this.

Student feedback on learning and teaching programs (excluding the mainly research-based programs at M and D level) is sourced annually at the end of the final academic year. The survey is done among final-year students.

Program Feedback forms can be ordered from the Student Feedback Office. Please see ordering process under Step 1 as listed above.

You have the opportunity to choose 10 extra questions from the data bank questions (see below) that you can add to the questionnaire.

Data Bank Questions:  DATABANKVRAE.doc