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Electronic Feedback


How does the new Electronic Student Feedback System work?

The Student Feedback System is now available through an electronic platform. It is designed to make it accessible to students. The system is integrated with SUNLearn with access to students and the Student Feedback Office.

The Student Feedback Personnel are administrators of the system and handle activation requests from lecturers or departments. An e-registration form must accompany all requests.


Process for activating questionnaire on Student feedback system


Step 1: Departments and lecturers

1. Complete an e-registration form (click on the link below)

    E-registration form

2. Inform students of the feedback questionnaire that will be available. Students will also receive a formal notification via the system.


Step 2: Access for students to the system and questionnaires

1. Students will receive an email from the system with a link to the questionnaire.

2. Click on the link and log in using your SU username and password.

3. Complete the questionnaire.


Step 3: Data Administration

1. Once a questionnaire has been activated, the relevant lecturer will be notified via email.

2. Regular notifications will be sent to students for the period for which a questionnaire is available.

3. After the questionnaire has closed, the student feedback office will extract the data from the system and generate a report. All reports will be sent from Sharepoint to the following persons:

• Lecturers - each lecturer will receive a report separately

• Heads of Department - A file was created on Sharepoint, which stores all feedback reports per department. Only the Head of Department will receive access to the relevant department's file.

• Faculty Deans - A file is created on Sharepoint for each faculty in which all feedback reports are stored. Only the Dean will have access to all feedback reports.


Step 4: Follow-up actions

Lecturers are encouraged to give feedback to their students in terms of the use and impact of feedback to promote learning and teaching.

The revised Learning and Teaching Policy (7.1.3) indicates that student feedback is the primary source of information about student's experience of learning and teaching, but that the data should be used throughout with other sources. Examples of such sources are feedback from colleagues, self-evaluation and literature (research).

Confidentiality: The Student Feedback Office is aware of the confidentiality of the reports and will not share information with unauthorized persons. Only staff from the Student feedback office of the Centre for Teaching and Learning have access to the information and authorized persons have access to information as indicated above.


For more information please contact Veronica Beukes (vfbeukes@sun.ac.za), Roshnique Pharo (rdaniels@sun.ac.za) or Ilke Arnolds ​(igideons5@sun.ac.za ).