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Writing Retreats

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Writing retreats (May and November) aim to support FIRLT/FINLO (for more information, click here) teaching academics and support staff:

1.        Previous recipients of FIRLT could use the time to write up their research outcomes for publication;

2.        Potential FIRLT applicants will be supported to write proposals;

3.        Any teaching and learning focussed research towards publications.

A writing retreat is seen as an opportunity:

·       to create an atmosphere of trust and safety for productive writing;

·       to help participants to learn from each other about the process of writing;

·       to create a multidisciplinary community of writers who would provide support and advice to one another;

·       to explore the important links between teaching, research, writing and scholarship;

·       to have a productive working experience in which each participant would commit to a specific writing goal and try to achieve it. (Moore, 2003).

 For more information, contact Jean Farmer at jeanlee@sun.ac.za or 021 808 2956.


2020 Writing Retreat Dates:

- 6 November 2020 is FIRLT deadline, writing retreat is 3- 6 November 2020.

How to Apply: 

Download the Application Forms to apply for participation in the 2020 Writing Retreats: 

 ​2019 Writing retreat application form.doc

 Slow scholarship Writing by Hours.docx

News from previous writing retreats​​

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November 2019 writing retreat 

The November 2019 writing retreat was productive, resulting in four funding proposals and seven articles sent to co-authors or publishers. The May 2019 retreat was also productive with four funding proposals and three articles submitted by the end of the retreat. The result by the end of the retreat was that most participants achieved their goals with some submitting proposals and finalising articles for publication they had not thought they would be able to do in the limited time.​


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