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Auxin Resources

​2020 Auxins

​26 May 2020
Title: Implementing multilingualism in South African universities: dilemmas and innovations
Presenter: Prof Mbulungeni Madiba
Blurb: AUXIN Blurb_26 May 2020.pdf
Articles: Madiba (2018).pdf Garcia & Kleyn (2016).pdf
PowerPoint: AUXIN PowerPoint_26 May 2020.pdf
​28 April 2020
Title: Designing your teaching online​
Presenter: Dr Maricel Krügel ​
Blurb: ​​​AUXIN Blurb_28 April 2020.pdf
Articles: Laurillard (2008).pdf Laurillard et al. (2018).pdf
PowerPoint: AUXIN PowerPoint_28 April 2020.pdf


25 February 2020
Title: Critical self-reflection as a tool for transformative teaching and learning
Presenter: Dr Taryn Bernard
Blurb: AUXIN Blurb_25 February 2020.pdf
Articles: Vorster & Quinn (2017).pdf Luckett (2019).pdf
PowerPoint: AUXIN PowerPoint_25 February 2020.pdf



​24 March 2020​
Title: Privacy legislation and innovative teaching practices 
Presenters: Jerall Toi & Jerusha Naidoo 
Blurb: AUXIN Blurb_24 March 2020.pdf
Articles: Guidelines on Data Protection Impact Assessment.pdf POPI_Poster_SU.pdf
PowerPoint​: AUXIN PowerPoint_24 M​arch 2020.pdf

2019 Auxins

23 July 2019
Title: Why Teach Ethics Online?
Presenter: Ms A Kleinsmidt
Blurb: AUXIN Blurb_23 July 2019.pdf
Articles: MedEthEx Online A Computer Based Learning Program in Medical Ethics and Communication Skills.pdf Teaching ethics virtual classroom.pdf
Power Point: Auxin Power Point_23 July 2019.pdf
27 August 2019
Title: Insights from Orthogonality for Mathematical Proficiency
Presenter: Prof I Rewitzky
Blurb: AUXIN Blurb_27 Aug 2019.pdf
Articles: Reid et al 2003.pdf University_Students_Views_of_the_Role_of_Mathemat.pdf
Power Point: Auxin 29 August 2019_Power Point.pdf

23 April 2016
Title: "The fruits of the spirit mixed with street smarts". Reflections on the first five years of a peer mentoring programme for the first-year students on the extended degree programmed within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
Presenter: Ms S Lombard
Blurb: Auxin Blurb 23 April 2019.pdf
Articles: Crisp & Cruz 2009 Mentoring college students.pdf Lennox_Terrion_2007 Taxonomy_Characteristics_Student_Peer_Mentoring.pdf
Power Point: Auxin Power Point_23 April  2019.pdf
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28 May 2019
Title: The scariest module I ever had to lecture - A soft skill module in a hard skill environment - First reflections
Presenter: Dr M Schmeisser
Blurb: Auxin Blurb_28 May 2019.pdf
Articles: Herrington-Oliver2000_Article_AnInstructionalDesignFramework.pdf Reese & Levy.pdf
Power Point: Auxin Power Point_28 May 2019.pdf
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26 February 2019
Title: Using Pecha Kucha as psy-educational facilitation tool for training school counsellors
Presenters: Dr L Damons, Ms C Jacobs and Dr L Dreyer
Blurb: Auxin blurb_ 26 February 2019.pdf
Power Point: Auxin Power Point_26 February 2019.pdf
26 March 2019
Title: Building your research profile: The rewards and risks of engaging with public audiences about your research and availing yourself to engage on other topical aspects
Presenters: Dr M Joubert and Mr M Viljoen
Blurb: Auxin blurb 27 March 2019.pdf
JCOM_1303_2014_C04.pdf JCOM_1704_2018_C04.pdf

2018 Auxins

28 August 2018
Title: Criminal law 171 video project: Boldly going where no criminal law lecturer has gone before!
Presenter: Dr M Nel
Blurb: Auxin blurb_28 August 2018.pdf
Power Point: PowerPoint Auxin_ 28 August 2018.pdf
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25 September 2018
Title: Interdisciplinary curriculum design: A case study from a module on gender, culture and religious diversity as part of the EDP support subject introduction to the humanites
Presenter: Dr Anita Jonker
Blurb: Auxin blurb_ 25 Sept 2018.pdf
Power Point: Auxin Powerpoint_25 September 2018.pdf
Article: 11 Burch F.pdf
2017 Francis Homophobia and sexuality diversity in South African schools A review (003).pdf
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24 April 2018
Title: Transformative learning theory under the spotlight: learning that changes the way we see the world
Presenter: Prof S van Schalkwyk
Blurb: Auxin blurb_24 April 2018.pdf
Power Point: PowerPoint Auxin_24April 2018.pdf
Article: Mezirow_1997.pdf
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29 May 2018
Title: Decolonisation of the university curriculum: The what, why and how
Presenter: Prof L le Grange
Blurb: Auxin blurb_29 May 2018.pdf
Power Point: Auxin Power Point_ 29 May 2018.pdf

​​27 February 2018
Title: Decolonising STEM in our Sandbox:
Sharing experiences sand exploring ideas in a community of practice
Presenters: Dr D Blaine, Me M Mackay, Ms K Wirth and Me R Malgas
Blurb: Auxin blurb 27 Feb'18.pdf
Power Point:
Article: Our_academic_sandbox__scholarl.PDF
We must get together and really talk
Connection engagement and safety sustain learning and teaching conversation communities.pdf



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27 March 2018

Title: Services of the Centre for Student Counselling and Development
Presenter: Ms M Parker

Blurb: Auxin blub_ 27 March'18.pdf.pdf
PowerPoint: PowerPoint_Auxin27 March 2018.pdf
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Resources:  2017 Auxins

26 September 2017
Title: Teaching and learning patient-centredness in an undergraduate medical curriculum
Presenter: Dr E Archer, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Centre for Health Professions Education, Manager: Simulation and Clinical Skills Unit
Blurb: Auxin blurb 26 Sep 2017.pdf
Power Point: Power Point Auxin _26 Sep 2017.pdf
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25 July 2017
Title:  Teacher professional development: Mentoring as part of teacher development and the role of university-school relationships during work integrated learning periods
Presenter: Dr ML Botha, Faculty of Education, Department of Curriculum Studies
Blurb:   Auxin 25 Julie 2017.pdf
Article:   Tensions and Possibilities in Establishing School-University Patnerships.pdf
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29 August 2017

Title:  “I have always felt that something needed to be said or done but I could not find the words for it": Creating 'safe spaces' for the cultivation of complex vocabulary
Presenter: Ms M de Villiers, Faculty of Theology, BLC
Blurb:  Auxin blurb 29 August 2017.pdf
Power pointPowerPoint 29 August 2017.pdf
Articles: Critical pedagogy and emotion working through troubled knowledge in posttraumatic contexts _ Zembylas.pdf 
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25 April 2017
Title:  Using gamification techniques for online tutoring
PresenterMs Kayla Lawson
Blurb:  April Auxin blurb_2017.pdf
Power point:  Prezi.pdf
Can moodle be used for structural gamification.pdf
Gamification in education.pdf 

30 May 2017

Title: A dichotomy: The promise of technology as mediator of learning and professional socialisation
Presenter: Mr Jacob du Plessis
Blurb:   A dichotomy 30 May 2017.pdf
Power pointPower Point Pdf 30 May 2017.pdf
What really matters for students in South African higher education.pdf
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28 February 2017
Title:  I am the lecturer, you are the student: But who are you?
Presenter:  Elmien Strauss
Blurb:  I am the lecturer 28 Feb.pdf
 Brain targeted teaching model HE.pdf
Inside the learning brain.pdf
What you should know about your brain.pdf

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​​ 28 March 2017
Title:  Critical legal education under a transformative constitution
Presenters:  Dr Shanelle van der Berg and Prof Sandra Liebenberg
Blurb:  Auxin 28 March Critical legal education under a transformative Constitution.pdf
The crises in legal education.pdf
Transformative constitutionalism.pdf
What do we mean when we talk about transformative constitutionalism.pdf
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Resources:  2016 Auxins 

23 February 2016
Title:  Single steps on a thousand mile journey: Reimagining a scientific curriculum in the current South African HE context
Presenter:  Marianne McKay
Blurb:  Reimagining-the-curriculum-Auxin-23_Feb-2016.pdf
Powerpoint:    Single-steps-Auxin-23-Feb-2016-1.pdf
Article:  Shay-S.pdf (23 Feb 2016).pdf
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29 March 2016
Title: Navigating turbulent waters: academic leadership in times of change and uncertainty
Presenter:  Prof Magda Fourie-Malherbe
Blurb:  AUXINS 2016 29 March.docx
Powerpoint:  Auxin-presentation_29-March-_2016.pdf
Article:  Distributed leadership a collaborative framework_29 March 2016.pdf
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19 April 2016
Title: Getting your students to be more academically literate
Presenter: Anneliese de Wet
Blurb:  AUXINS 2016 19 April.docx
Powerpoint:  19-APRIL-2016-PowerPoints-notes.pdf
Article:  Fallahi-CR-et-al_19 April 2016.pdf
Article:  French-A._19 April 2016pdf.pdf
Video clip: 



24 May 2016
Title:  The use of ePortfolios as tools to promote transformative learning
Presenter: Mariette Volschenk

Blurb:  AUXINS 2016 24 May.docx
Powerpoint:  24 May 2016.pdf
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26 July 2016
Title:   Social media as an instrument to encourage student engagement in literature study
Presenter:   Christa van der Walt and Jan-Hendrik Swanepoel
Blurb:  Blurb Auxin 26 July.pdf
Powerpoint:  Power point Auxin 26 July.pptx
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30 August 2016
Title:  Is the assessment burden driving you (and your students) crazy?
Presenter:  Jacques Masuret
Blurb:  AUXINS 2016 30 August.pdf
Powerpoint:  A road to greater independence.pdf
Article:  Orientating teaching toward the learning process.pdf
Video clip: 



27 September 2016
Title:  Public Theology for the Public Good: A Blended Teaching and Learning Approach to Theological Education
Presenter:  Magriet de Villiers and Dion Forster, Faculty of Theology
Blurb:  AUXINS 2016 13 September.pdf
Powerpoint:  Power point slides.pptx
Article: Contextuality and Intercontextuality in Public Theology.pdf

Article: The use of emerging technologies for authentic learning.pdf
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Resources:  2015 Auxins

24 February 2015
Title:  Stellenbosch University's Language Policy and Plan:  Promoting multilingualism in teaching and learning
Presenter:  Antoinette van der Merwe, Anton Basson, Leon de Stadler
Powerpoint:  Language-policy-and-plan_24 Feb 2015.pdf
Powerpoint:  Engineering Best Practice.pdf
Reading list:  Reading List 24 February 2016.docx
Video clip: 


31 March 2015
Title:  Introducing Legitimation Code Theory as a possible theory for educational research
Presenter:  Margaret Blackie
Powerpoint:  Blackie-Semantic-Waves.pdf
Article:  2011MartinMatonMatruglio_31 March 2015.pdf
Video clip: 




21 April 2015
Title:  Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) made simple:  Theoretical perspectives and practice
Presenter:  Marianne McKay
Powerpoint:  WIL.pdf 
Article:  Learning in two communities.pdf
26 May 2015
Title:  Student Engagement - Teaching race at Stellenbosch:  a participatory approach
Presenter:  Rob Pattman
Powerpoint:  Power point Prof Pattman
Article:   Student identities, and researching these.pdf
Video clip: 



28 July 2015
TitleTalking about teaching with tablets
PresenterBrandon van der Ventel; Renee Nathanson
Powerpoint:  Power point presentation by Prof van der Ventel.pdf
25 August 2015
Title:  Writing project in the Faculty of Law - Writing-intensive courses across the curriculum:  developing students' critical thinking and writing skills
PresenterTheo Broodryk
Article:  Harris and Schaible.pdf
Article:  Lysaght and Lockwood.pdf
Video clip: 



29 September 2015
Title: MobiLex-Theology:  turning language barriers into learning opportunities
PresenterJeremy Punt, Nina Muller-van Velden
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