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University Capacity Development Grant

​​​​​​The University Capacity Development Grant supports the Stellenbosch University (SU) University Capacity Development Plan and is made available for a three-year period. ​

​SU's University Capacity Development Plan represents an integrated approach to teaching and research development at the institution. It has its origins in the realisation that teaching and research development are not two separate trajectories in the lifespan of a university (and, more specifically, in the careers of individual academics). Instead, both form part of the same whole.

The current University Capacity Development Grant will be funding:

  • the development of multilingual glossaries of subject terminology, and their publication on an online platform;
  • the design of a tracking system for student progression and development;
  • the design of online training material for tutors;
  • the development of postgraduate study skills;
  • the holistic development of early-career academics;
  • the design of development opportunities for departmental chairpersons;
  • the awarding of teaching fellowships; and
  • programme renewal initiatives. ​


  • ​All matters relating to the University Capacity Development Grant are dealt with by a steering committee, who in turn advises the VR: L&T. 

    For any enquiries or information, contact your vice-dean (teaching) or:
  •   Dr Antoinette van der Merwe
  •   Dr Therina Theron
  •   Ms Charmaine van der Merwe