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dna sequencer western capeDNA Seq​ue​nc​er​​​
scanning electron microscopy western cape
Scanning Electron Microscopy​​​
fluorescence microscopy western cape
Fluorescence Microscopy​​​​
icp-ms and xrf western cape​ICP-MS & XRF
mass spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry
nuclear magnetic resonanceNuclear Mag​netic Resonance​
numeri node for infection imaging pet ct scannerNuMeRI Node for Infection Imaging / PET-CT Scanner
vibrational spectroscopyVibrational Spectroscopy​​
biogrip node for soil and water analysis
BIOGRIP No​de for
Soil and Water Analysis
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CAF offers scientific tests and analytical expertise to science, health and engineering students and researchers, as well as related businesses. 

Adv​ance your research

Students – get access to our specialized scientific equipment, hand in your samples and get advice on your research from our staff.

Researchers make use of our variety of equipment to advance your research.

Business people – be more cost-effective and avoid product problems. Let us test your product. We analyze your product and give you detailed results. 

Send an email to if you need advice on which unit you will need or contact one of the units/laboratories​.