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​​Training Initiative: 19-23 June 2017

The Central Analytical Facilities (CAF) at Stellenbosch University is in a unique position to provide high quality, hands-on training on the use and functioning of a range of high-end analytical equipment not readily available at all universities in South Africa.

Applications are now CLOSED


A consolidated training event will again be provided within CAF during the week of 19-23 June 2017. The training is aimed at providing participants with exposure to equipment to reinforce theoretical principles and develop the necessary practical skills. In most cases data interpretation will also be covered.

The training is aimed at postgraduate students (MSc, PhD) and researchers, as well as university and industry technical staff. Places are limited as most workshops can only accommodate 7-10 participants due to space constraints in the laboratories for hands-on exposure to equipment. Preference will be given to applicants who can motivate that their participation will directly benefit their own research or the research of others.

The workshops will be scheduled to allow participants to take advantage of applying for a 1-day as well as a 2-3 day workshop.  A maximum of 2 workshops will be allowed per participant, provided that these do not clash. Certificates of participation will be issued at the end of the workshop.

Workshop Title & Presenters:

Mass Spectrometry of Small Molecules: LC-MS                                                                                          

by Dr Marietjie Stander, Mr Erick van Schalkwyk, Mr Malcolm Taylor

Mass Spectrometry of Small Molecules: GC-MS                                                                                         

by Mr Lucky Mokwena, Ms Wernich Kuhn

Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomics                                                                                                          

by Dr Maré Vlok (Please note that this workshop only will take place in September 2017)

Solution State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy                                                                    

by Dr Jaco Brand

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting                                                                                                                    

by Ms Rozanne Adams

Confocal and Super-resolution Microscopy                                                                                                 

by Ms Lize Engelbrecht and Ms Dumisile Lumkwana

Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy                                                                                                  

by Ms Lize Engelbrecht, Ms Madelaine Frazenburg, Ms Elrika Harmzen

Introduction to X-ray Micro- and Nano-CT                                                                                                   

by Mr Stephan le Roux

Nucleic Acid Preparation, QC and Library building for Next Generation  Sequencing                       

by Ms A Vorster and Mr CJ van Heerden

Vicon neuromechanical analysis (kinematics, kinetics and EMG)  

by Dr John Cockcroft, Ms Madelein Dreyer, Ms Cara Mills

Noraxon mobile neuromechanical analysis (kinematics, kinetics and EMG)               

by Dr John Cockcroft, Ms Madelein Dreyer, Ms Cara Mills

Solution ICP-MS in Environmental analysis of major and trace elements

by Ms Riana Rossouw

Practical XRF Spectrometry

by Ms Mareli Grobbelaar

Introduction to U/Pb Geochronology and data processing

by Dr Jeanne Taylor


Application Process and Cost of Participation

  • The online application process will be open from 14 April 2017 up to and including 5 May 2017.
  • All researchers, postgraduate students and university and industry technical staff may apply.
  • Participants may apply for a maximum of 2 workshops, provided these do not clash in terms of scheduling. In the event of a conflict the first workshop will be selected.
  • The training is free to staff and students at South African universities.
  • Participants from industry will be charged R5000 per workshop.
  • Participants must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Travel, accommodation and meal expenses are for the participant’s or their institution’s     own cost.
  • The successful candidates will be notified by e-mail no later than 23 May 2017.
  • Contact for more information.

We look forward to your participation!