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Human Movement Analysis



The unit for Human Movement Analysis houses state-of-the-art sensor systems capable of indoor and outdoor testing for healthcare, sports and engineering applications. Services include three-dimensional optical and inertial motion capture, electromyography testing, pressure mapping and musculoskeletal modelling.


The unit for Human Movement Analysis is equipped with the following portable and state-of-the-art measurement technologies which can be operated in uncontrolled testing environments:

Wireless Inertial Sensors
The Unit’s
Xsens MTw system enables analysis of the 3D angular orientation of individual objects or body segments at sampling rates of up to 150 Hz. A multi-segment body network of up to nine Xsens sensors can also be used to measure 3D joint angles. The Xsens system comes with an advanced Kalman filter algorithm which calculates the roll, pitch and yaw angles of each sensor as well other outputs such as dynamic 3D acceleration and angular velocity.

Wireless Surface EMG Sensors
The Unit’s
Noraxon Telemyo EMG system consists of compact and unobtrusive sensors capable of measuring muscle activity for up to 16 muscles simultaneously. Processed EMG data can be viewed in real-time during physical activities.

Mobile High-Speed 3D Force Platform
The Unit’s
Bertec portable force platform provides dynamic measurements of ground reaction forces up to 5 000N at sampling rates of up to 1000 Hz. The force platform also provides dynamic measurements of the centre of pressure position during loading.


Some of the common research and service applications of the portable biomechanical analysis system described above are based in the fields of:

  • Gait Analysis
  • Sports Performance Science
  • Ergonomics
  • Posture and balance
  • Risk screening and rehabilitation