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Neuromechanics Unit

Neuromechanics provides advanced integrative analysis of human physical function. Our vision is to enable the development of evidence-based products and practises that improve quality of life through science and technology.

To this end, we provide professional technical support to researchers, services providers and product designers who are interested in understanding and improving how the human body moves and interacts with its external environment.

This multidisciplinary endeavour draws perspectives from biomechanics, motor control, neuroscience and exercise physiology and is applicable to a wide range of fields such physiotherapy, orthopaedics, biomedical engineering, sports science and ergonomics.

The unit employs a team of full-time instrument specialists to provide analytical services from two laboratories; one situated on Stellenbosch University's main campus and the other on the University's medical campus in Tygerberg. Besides equipment rental and training, the unit also provide services to users that require consultation regarding experimental design, specialist instrument operators, method development, data processing or data interpretation.

The unit houses the following instruments:

  • Bertec instrumented treadmill (floor-imbedded, incline-adjustable)
  • Bertec force plate system (three floor-imbedded plates)
  • Vicon Vantage motion capture system (10 cameras, outdoor enabled)
  • Vicon MX motion capture system  (10 cameras)
  • Noraxon MyoMuscle EMG system (wireless 16 channel Desktop Lossless)
  • Noraxon MyoMuscle EMG system (wireless 16 channel DTS)
  • Noraxon MyoMotion IMU system (Research Pro Lossless)
  • Brain Products ActiCap MOVE EEG system (wireless transmission, 128 active electrodes)
  • Cortex MetaMax 3B cardiopulmonary exercise testing cart (including ECG module)
  • Zebris pressure platform
  • Tekscan pressure mat