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Research Briefs

  1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SIGLA offers ​a series of one to two-pager Research Briefs on leadership, maritime and landward security governance and cyber security.
  2. Scheduled to publish at least one brief every month.
  3. If found to be of mutual interest, some of the briefs will appear in The Conversation​ as well​.​
Research Briefs 2020
Brief 1 by Francois Vreÿ (SIGLA @ Stellenbosch) Turkey in the dash for Africa - Jan 2020 The Conversation​​
Brief 2 by Anthoni van Nieuwkerk (Wits University) SONA 2020 and defence in South Africa
Article by Michelle Nel (SIGLA @ Stellenbosch) Bringing Al-Bashir to justice The Conversation​
Brief 3 by Wilhelm J v Rensburg (Parliamentary Researcher on Defenc​e) Oversight and defence in South Africa​
Brief 4 by Ishmael Thel​etsane (Stellenbosch University) Structural challenges facing the SA military
Brief 5 by Thomas Mandrup (RDDC & Stellenbosch University) Preventing atrocity crimes
Brief 6 by Tania Coetzee (Free State University) Governance leadership
Brief 7 by Francois Vreÿ (SIGLA) and Hussein Solomon (Free State University & SIGLA) COVID-19 as a security threat
Brief 8 by Curtis Bell (Stable Sea & SIGLA) The use of data for maritime security
Brief 9 by Hussein Solomon (UFS & SIGLA) Easing tensions over Nile waters between Egypt and Ethiopia
Brief 10 by Craig Bailie (Stellenbosch University) The SANDF and COVID-19 MEDIA24
​Brief 11 by Thomas Mandrup & Francois Vreÿ (SIGLA Stellenbosch University) Insurgency in Mozambique

Research Briefs (Click on the institution to open)​
Brief 1 - Jan 2020 - Prof F. Vreÿ SIGLA @ Stellenbosch​​​
Brief 2 - Feb 2020 - Prof A. van Nieuwkerk Wits University
Brief 3 - March 2020 - Dr W. J v Rensburg SA Parliament
Brief 4 - March 2020 - Dr I Theletsane Stellenbosch University
Brief 5 - March 2020 - Prof T. Mandrup RDDC & Stellenbosch University
Brief 6  - March 2020 - Dr T. Coetzee Free State University​
Brief 7 - ​April 2020 - Prof F. Vrey & Prof H. Solomon SIGLA@Stellenbosch

Brief 8 - April 2020 Dr C. Bell Stable Sea & SIGLA (Stable Seas Case study on Gulf of Guinea here​)
Brief 9 - May 2020 Prof H. Solomon Free State University
Brief 10 - May 2020 Mr C. Bailie Stellenbosch University
Brief 11 - May 2020 Prof T. Mandrup & Prof F. Vreÿ SIGLA Stellenbosch Univer​sity