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Maritime Study Tour 2017


Over ​the period of 21-24 September Profs Fouché and Vreÿ undertook a study tour of Durban Harbour. The tour was the initiative of Prof Henri Fouché and facilitated by the South African Police Service (SAPS).  Brig A. Gopaul played a pivotal role in making the 3 day stu​dy t​our a reality​. The first day entailed a briefing on Durban harbour and the security cooperation that takes place followed by  2 days during which the SIGLA members could tour the harbour with the SAPS on land as well as by police patrol boat. The tour served as an on-site information session for the South African chapter of the Safe Seas Research Project funded by the British Academy and housed at Cardiff and Bristol universities. The tour also allowed for cementing relations with the SAPS seaward wing and Brig A. Gopaul in particular who heads the SAPS seaward component ​for future cooperation regarding crime at sea off South Africa in particular,​ and possible cooperation on security matters and short courses ​as the phases of Operation Phakisa unfolds.​