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Student Support Services​

The office of the Manager of Student Affairs is a safe space and central referral point for a variety of Support Services at the Tygerberg campus. This office is primarily responsible for the provision of strategic direction and coordination of a variety of support and development functions related to student affairs; such as: residence and community support functions; psycho-social support; and student development functions.

Support Services on campus

Download the booklet for information on support services on campus.



Centre for Student Counselling and Development – Tygerberg

The Tygerberg Campus CSCD are situated at the Tygerberg Student Centre on the 2nd floor. The service consists of a nurse practitioner, physicians and educational / clinical psychologists. The Centre for Student Counselling and Development offers free and confidential support services to students at Tygerberg Campus. Clinical as well as educational psychologists assists students with academic as well as emotional support. The services include individual and group therapy sessions; social work services and a variety of works sessions. Students can call the CSCD at 021 938 9591 during office hours; report to the Tygerberg Student Centre, 2nd Floor, Room 3035 or email

In case of serious crises call the 24 Hour Crisis Service at 010 205 3032.

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Campus Health – Tygerberg

All campus students can be seen by the nursing sister (consultation is free, costs involved for medication). Services include primary health care , diagnosing and treatment, family planning, immunisation, travel requirements and HIV testing and counselling. Doctors are available 2-3 hours per day Mondays to Thursdays. Patients seen by the doctor are billed at the tariffs set by the Board of Health Care Funders. Students are not discouraged from using the services if funding is not available.
Location: 2nd Floor, of Tygerberg Student Centre
Email: Sr Rukshana Adams  or on 021 938 9590

Tutor-Mentor Programme ​

The Tutor-Mentor programme is a student driven peer-academic support programme in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The programme focuses on supporting first year students during the academic transition from high school to university and second-years in preparing for the increased workload and exposure to the clinical environment. Senior students in the faculty are selected as Tutor-Mentors (a.k.a. MenTuts) based on academic merit, a motivation to support other students, and an interview process managed between the student support office, Head-MenTuts, and the residence / Private Student Organisation (PSO) leadership structure. ​

Subject Specific Tutoring​

Tutorials are  offered based on high-risk modules as identified by individual programme representatives.  Subject-specific tutoring forms part of the supplemental peer-academic support available to students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS). Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students of the FMHS are utilised as tutors who offer 1:1 or group tutoring support on subject specific (theoretical or practical) content, to students who may find themselves in academic difficulty. Students may approach the Administrative Officer directly for a tutor, or may be referred by the Year Coordinators (staff who provide academic support in the respective programmes)


Manager | Khairoonisa Foflonker

Ms Khairoonisa Foflonker is the manager of Student Affairs at the Tygerberg Campus. Her office is safe space for students to raise concerns about themselves,  fellow students, or staff when the nature of the incident is personally sensitive, they fear discrimination or harassment, or wish to draw attention to a dimension of the system of support that is not working effectively.  The office engages students in problem solving in a manner that is empowering; and with a view to improving institutional structures and processes.​


Administrative Officer | Sandra Josias​ 

The office of the Manger of Student Affairs at the Tygerberg Campus is supported by an administrative officer. Her duties include: 

  • To support the office of the manager of Student Affairs as well as the recruitment activities of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences by providing a person-centred service to prospective students, their parents and the education sector, in the in the interest of both the University and the community. 
  • Administrative coordination of the Tutor Mentor Programmee which entails advertising Tutor Mentor applications, assigning mentees to mentuts, administering payments for Tutor Mentors, collating Mentee and Mentut Feedback.
  • Coordination of the Work Study Programme which entails advertising applications, placement of students at  Tygerberg campus, and monthly timesheet administration.
  • Subject Specific Tutoring coordination involves  assigning subject-specific ttutors to students who require tutoring in specific subjects..



For inquiries or to book an appointment with the Manager of Student Affairs: