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Business Management

​The division is responsible for the effective business management of the Faculty in accordance with general management principles. In coordination with functional support, the division is responsible for effective operational service-delivery to the Faculty's staff, students and other clients.

The division operates within the framework of Faculty policy as set down, to lighten the business management load on the dean, deputy deans and departments. In consultation with the heads of central support services and their staff, the division is responsible for the continued improvement of the quality of support services to and in the Faculty. ​


Business Management

The division is responsible for:

  • Developing and concluding service-delivery agreements with support services from main campus;

  • Ensuring effective and efficient  service-delivery at faculty-level in respect of academic administration, human resources, finance, facilities management,  information technology and library services;

  • Ensuring good communication and collaboration between administrative officials based at the faculty and those based at the main campus;

  • Ensuring that management information is well-coordinated and supports  management decision making processes;

  • Assisting with strategy formulation and implementation, operational processes, client responsiveness , and management efficiency.


Financial management

This entails:

  • Preparing a rolling financial plan to support the Faculty's business plan;

  • Ensuring that the financial plan is carried out;

  • Developing a set of principles for the allocation of Faculty funds to departments;

  • Coordinating the drafting of the annual Faculty budget ;

  • Supporting faculty management in exercising budgetary control to ensure that expenditure stay within the budget;

  • Costing  of new proposals, such as new programmes;

  • Providing support for generating third stream income ;

  • Administering the allocation of funds to cost points, in accordance with University and Faculty policy, to ensure that strategic goals are adhered to;

  • Preparing reports reflecting the status of departments in the Faculty; and

  • Liaising with the Executive Director: Finance and Operations and Chief Director: Finance.

​Facilities Management​


  • Development and implementation of the Faculty's space policy;

  • Ensuring that centrally controlled facilities, for instance lecture halls, are equipped with ICT in order to support teaching and learning;

  • Where necessary identifying new needs for facilities, for instance residence, lecture halls, etc.;

  • Ensuring that buildings and facilities are being maintained in consultation with the division of Facilities Management;

  • Ensuring that the regulations of the relevant legislative body or bodies are complied with, such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act;

  • In consultation with SU Security Services ensuring a safe campus for staff and students;

  • Ensuring that sufficient accommodation is available;

  • Managing and coordinating the delivery of all applicable services on the Tygerberg and Worcester Campuses; and

  • Liaise with applicable central functionaries, including Chief Director: Facilities Management.


Human Resources

In this respect the division is responsible for:

  • Drawing up annual personnel plan that is aligned with financial plan and allocation;

  • Ensuring that annual salary adjustments is implemented in line DPSA and SU guidelines;

  • Ensuring the proper functioning of the selection and employment processes in cooperation with the faculty's human resources officer and the dean;

  • Supporting the dean in adhering to employment equity regulations during the process of selection, employment and succession planning;

  • Interpreting the requirements of the Skills Development Act for application to faculty training and personnel development;

  • Support with dealing with grievances and disciplinary procedures in the faculty

  • Managing and setting up of appointment committees;

  • Managing and handling of external work requests;

  • Playing a supportive role in the promotion of the performance management process;

  • Supporting the promotion of change to the culture in the faculty, especially within support services, and;

  • Translating the faculty's strategy into measurable goals so that individual staff members can ascertain their performance goals from it.


Information Technology 

This entails:

  • Ensuring functional facilities for staff and students in terms of ICT;

  • Ensuring that Computers user areas for students at Tygerberg and Worcester Campuses (GERGA) are maintained and optimally used, and equipped with latest ICT technology;

  • Constantly revising and adjusting ICT strategies and plans to keep up with changing needs of staff and students;

  • Ensuring that communication systems (PABX) are optimal and well maintained and that staff and students have access to service;