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Application for our BSc-Honours programme will be considered from suitably qualified graduates with BSc or MB,ChB.
For further details about the programme see below.

 The MSc and PhD courses are entirely research-based and students from various backgrounds (e.g. Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Genetics, Microbiology, etc.) are eligible for consideration.
Interested persons should contact one of the principal investigators (click here for a list) or Prof Gerhard Walzl:
Telephone: (021) 938-9158. E-mail:

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We encourage students to apply for bursaries from the MRC , NRF , Stellenbosch University or other sources as soon as possible, as closing dates are from September. Information is available at any University office. Bursaries may be supplemented by the Department/Centre depending on availability of funds.


Career opportunities

Postgraduate studies offered in our Department provide excellent background for careers in numerous scientific fields including academia (universities, research councils, technikons), research and development in industry such as pharmaceutical, agricultural, biotechnical, food sciences, environmental, and chemical sectors, as well as management, communications, technical support and marketing in the commercial field.


The Honours Programme

Hons. BSc (Molecular Biology)
Course code: 11042 -778
This programme equips students with both a theoretical and practical background in the basic concepts of molecular biology. The programme consists of lecture attendance, participation in discussions of academic journals, writing a literature review, participation in a six-month research project in one of the areas of research currently being pursued within the department, a research write-up and oral presentation and written mid-year and end-of-year examinations. The programme overlaps with the BScHons (Human Genetics) programme, but includes separate lectures on mycobacteriology in the context of tuberculosis.

Specific admission requirements
For admission to the BScHons (Molecular Biology) degree programme a candidate should have achieved an average result of above 60% in one of the following qualifications from a recognised tertiary training institution: a bachelor's degree with Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology or Biotechnology at third-year level; or an MB,ChB.

Course content
Molecular Biology Theory (12205-774): 45 credits

  • Techniques course (6 weeks)
  • Molecular biology
  • Biostatistics
  • Mycobacteriology
  • Immunology
  • Cell biology
  • Bioinformatics

Molecular Biology Project (12204-775): 75 credits

  • A five-month research project, a research report and oral project presentation

Both modules must be passed with a minimum of 50% to earn the applicable credits.

Programme coordinator: Dr JG Jackson
Tel: 021-938 9467; email: