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Prof Katharina Ronacher

Associate Professor









Katharina Ronacher joined the SUN-IRG in 2006 and spent over 11 years working on TB biomarkers with Gerhard Walzl. Her recent research focuses on the link between TB and type 2 diabetes for which she was awarded a 5-year NIH RO1 grant in 2015 to investigate whether the endocrine dysregulation during type 2 diabetes contributes to increased risk of TB. At the beginning of  2017, Katharina re-located to the Translational Research Institute, Mater Research Institute – The University of Queensland in Australia, where she now heads the Infection, Immunity and Metabolism Research Group. She continues to hold an extraordinary appointment at Stellenbosch University, a C2 rating from the National Research Foundation and active collaborations with Gerhard Walzl and Leanie Kleynhans from the SU Immunology Research Group.

Katharina can be reached at