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Dr André Loxton​

B-cell Group

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​​Dr André G Loxton is a specialist scientist of the SA Medical Research Council (SAMRC) and member of the Stellenbosch University Immunology Group (SU-IRG). He completed his studies at Stellenbosch University and his PhD focused on regulatory T-cells during HIV-TB co-infection.

Loxton currently leads the B-cell laboratory and his research continues around the different cell phenotypes, specifically regulatory (killer) B-cells (currently evaluating new roles for these cells) present during latent and active Tuberculosis and HIV disease and the discovery of associated biomarkers of infection, disease progression and treatment response.

He is actively involved in TB vaccine studies and leads the vaccine end-point characterization. He is experienced in a wide range of research related activities, from operational issues of cohort recruitment and follow-up to advanced immunological and molecular biological laboratory techniques, which is ideally suited for research in Tuberculosis in a high endemic area.