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​Postgraduate Courses Descriptions

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The one year BSc(Hons) course in the Division of Clinical Anatomy at Stellenbosch University is aimed at introducing BSc graduates who majored in Anatomy, and persons with Medical and Dental qualifications to the Science of Anatomy and Research Methodology. The Course is thus a prelude (and in most cases a prerequisite) to registration for a higher degree (MSc or PhD) in Anatomy or a related discipline.  Enquiries and applications to the BSc(Hons) program to be directed to Dr Karin Baatjes.


MSc and PhD in Human Anatomy Course Description

In addition to the Honours program, the Division also offers degree programs for MSc and PhD students. Both programs are research and thesis driven (no coursework). The MSc program has an obligatory 2-year residency period, and the PhD program a minimum of 3 years and maximum of 5 years residency period. Although the research groups and project leaders endeavour to assist in finding bursaries for MSc and PhD students, this cannot be guaranteed, and all prospective applicants are therefore strongly encouraged to apply for bursaries on their own initiative.

Enquiries and applications to be directed to the various project leaders (see staff page).